Sunday, 21 February 2016

A 365 Quilty Circle idea ...... a textured circle ....

So I cut down the first, made slightly too large,
Splendid Sampler block 1 and then had a 365 Circle idea .....
so although I wont be using corners in all my next batch of circles,
I may very well make some of these squished circles!
This was a trial and isn't very round but then I stitched it quickly so I may improve on my technique - well, maybe -

Its just a play on Japanese fabric manipulation of course, using a larger circle of fabric and stitching it onto a smaller circle on the base.
The larger the large circle, the more play you have to twist the finished textured circle, does that make sense?
Maybe I should take pics of the next one to explain lol
There are a couple of ways I can do it, now I have thought it through more and actually, stitching the larger circle onto a smaller Vilene circle then appliqueing it down, may be the better and faster option.
Off to trial some more  but I quite like the texture,
what do you think 365 Circlers?
Fancy having a  go?
Am sure someone once called this a 'squishy frog' technique, but no idea who that was............. maybe I will look in my Japanese fabric manipulation books for the right way to make them lol
Now theres a novel idea!!
Instructions! Ha lol


  1. Sounds interesting. And yes, you have to take pictures next time to explain.

  2. Yeeerrrrssss....she says with a smidge of scepticism. Actually no, I mean YES! I can see a quilt of circles using this I am the person that will stop and squint and look and move her head from side to side before leaping in. I can even see a block or two with a textured circle in my 365 quilt. Great idea!

  3. I wonder if...cutting a card stock circle to the size you want..cut a larger circle from fabric and then gather it like a yo you around the well & remove the card. Then stitch down. ???