Thursday, 4 June 2015

Yet another fastening waistcoat

My creative gene has abandoned me, and a low mood descended recently, so silly, and not helped by a funeral today!
But the service was really great, I'm book marking the vicar for mine ~
hopefully I won't need him just yet though.

I'm almost finished on my April Millefiori rosette, it seems to have taken me ages to do that one but that's because my mojo went walk about.
I have the May and June rosettes to catch up on, but there's no rush really.

I did complete another fastening waistcoat for work last week mind you.

I used real shirt buttons because the lad this is for struggles with shirt fastening. 
I also made some pair matching cards for a child whose spasticised hand and arm movements make it difficult for him to pick things up and placing things down again.
These have been used with him now and have been very successful so we are planning to use the enclosed and padded format again with him.
Sometimes a bright idea really works! lol

Again I have used a Velcro accepting fabric covered board so the cards can be stuck on it and that way he doesn't accidentally scuttle the other cards about.
Because the cards are lightly padded and fabric edged he's been able to pick them up more easily too, so win win so far.
But again, this idea would work well for any toddlers.

I picked up some perennial viola plants last week, this ones so pretty and much brighter, bolder blue than the pics suggest.

The cats and dog have been chivvying at the garage door the past 3 days and today I found out why. A dead rat was holed up behind a heavy old workbench that's in there.
By the looks of it its gotten in recently and been held there by the animals presence. It looks like its starved and had no water but considering there's a permanently running electric gadget in the garage to keep furries at bay, I wasn't expecting to see one of them!
I'd been hoping it would be a hedgehog lol


  1. just scroll through Pinterest and i bet your creative gene will re-surface. how is your garden doing? i'm getting mostly grape tomatoes. the cucumbers don't seem to want to develop despite all the yellow flowers.....and there are a couple serrano peppers not yet ready to pick.

  2. Hi Lyn,
    So sorry you are feeling a bit down. I hate it when I get the glums. You do such a great job with all your teaching aids. You need a pretty, creative project to stimulate your creative juices again and make you smile. Hopefully the sun will shine this weekend and you will be able to enjoy the garden and relax.

  3. Hello Lyn! Your waistcoats and games are really great and I am sure they are well received by the recipients. Love those pretty violas.... such a lovely colour! I am not mentioning the dead creature except to say it is good you found it and got rid of it!! Have a lovely weekend! :) x

  4. You don't like hedgehogs? Are they a bit of a pest there? I have neighbours who put down rat bait and the poor dears crawl painfully into my yard to die, its horrible, I have to put them out of their misery.The chooks usually alert me, they run squealing to the farthest corner of their pen and make very disapproving noises. It's hard when mojo goes and leaves a black hole ....hope you're feeling better soon, those pretty violas will cheer you up. x


  5. Oh NO! I adore hedgies, I was hoping beyond hope it was a hedgie and not a rat or mouse. Do you know the penny has only just dropped that the high pitched noise gadget would probably deter hedgies too - how thick can a woman be! Especially since Ive made a made a walk under spot beside the garage for hedgies to pop through if they wanted to! It must surely have the same effect on hedgies as one hopes on rats and mice. I must look out the instructions, I don't recall it mentioning hedgies, just rodents, but if so I will switch it off!

    With a 10' garage access lane behind these older houses I would be thrilled to have hedgies pop in to my garden and have left a mini wilderness aside the garage in the hope theyd visit.. I always had them at a past house and they were a delight and kept the cats both amused and on their toes lol

    Sadly numbers are declining dramatically here, reckoned to be because most gardens, front and especially back now, have walls and fences completely preventing the little creatures from scurrying in and out for food, cutting down their territory.

    Plus of course the vehicle damage to them as they potter across roads and slug pellets are playing their part in knocking back the urban population too. So sad what we do to the creatures we share the place with. Whilst fleas, blue bottles, rats and house mouses I can live happily without in my home and garden, I don't want to poison them, just chase them off. That's plain cruel.

  6. Ah, I misunderstood.......when you said it was a dead rat, then added you wished it was a hedgie, I thought you meant you'd rather have a dead hedgie. We have sweet little bandicoots here, but they destroy gardens and crops so a lot of people want to dispose of them.

  7. Your makes for those children are ingenious. You really do come up with clever solutions.

    It is sad that hedgehogs are declining so badly. We are very rural and mostly without the fences/slug pellets etc but I haven't seen one around here for years. The general level of road kill, however, is ridiculous. I can appreciate pheasants and rabbits and deer very occasionally leap out of nowhere but I'm sure 99% of it is sheer carelessness and disregard :(

    I hope your mojo has come back you are feeling cheerier :)

  8. Dead rats - well life is never boring is it? We don't have hedgehogs here (unless they're a pet) - wish we did. They are such cute little creatures. Hope you have your creative mojo back by now (I'm behind in my blog reading -again!!).