Thursday, 18 June 2015

Salad leaf I think and some

Well these triffids of mine now have flowers,
not unlike rape seed but it isn't that.
Who knew that on Facebook there's a What's this plant group!!
I did a Google search for plant identification sites and the FB one popped up!
The consensus on there is that it's a salad leaf gone crazy which I still find hard to believe, especially since I can't recall dropping salad leaf seeds in that raised bed.
Although I do seem to recall planting something edible in there but thought it was chard. There is no chard though lol

I suppose these leaves might still be edible but I daren't try them lol
I am content to see how beautiful they are for now.
It makes you wonder if you left all salad leaves to grow to such abundance if they'd all become such beautiful plants doesn't it!

I am starting to come together after a 48 hour bout of probably gastro something or other. Courtesy of my delightful granddaughter : )
Her Mum, Dad and Auntie have also been gifted with it and I had to stay off from work today because of it.

My creative gene had slowly begun to surface which is good.
I had bought some previously stitched cross stitch pictures from a charity shop with a view to making them into cushions.
I have made this version with one of them and its feather filled so lovely to lean on : )
The fabric was a charity shop find too, formerly a large sized ladies shirt and lovely soft fine needlecord.

Took this last week when Jack stayed over,
he clearly would prefer a circular bed.
Can't recall if I showed the additional Old Macdonald characters to Evie's activity board ~ Old MacD is a finger puppet, the others lift on and off. 


  1. I hope you are starting to feel better. The cushions look great and I am quite envious of the Old MacDonald Farm activity board. It is just the thing to keep a little one occupied. We have just decided to take 2 of ours to Suffolk for a few days when they break up. I got a few i-Spy books from Amazon for the journey. Remember those? Don't eat the plant- it might upset your tummy again!

  2. Hello Lyn! I think that plant is yellow rocket.... it would be used in salad. Google it and see if the images look the same... they look pretty close to me! Love your cushion not least because the cross stitch is a picture of Le Chateau de Chillon in Switzerland.... I used to drive past it regularly! Glad you are feeling better and hope you have a lovely weekend! :) x

  3. I was thinking it was a greater celandine or celandine poppy but the blossoms don't match. I'd take a nibble but then you're just getting over something so you better not! :) The pillow is lovely, what a find -- there's a million stitches in that scene. Fun activity board, you amaze me with all that you make and do! Stay well.

  4. ? Kale that has bolted to flowering...

  5. So sorry you got the ick. Grandkids firmly believe in sharing their wealth, including their germs. Glad you're feeling better.

  6. This is what kale looks like + its flowers -
    To me your plant doesn't look like kale, but you can see the actual plant. I tend to agree with Christine. It looks more like Rocket to me, but rocket is low, and I can't see from your photo how tall the plant is.