Saturday, 13 June 2015

Childrens fastening waistcoat - and garden help pse?

Okay first and foremost, can anyone recognise what I'm growing here please?
I was name tagging some of what I was planting, so I would know if it was edible or not. The obvious ones I didn't name tag of course.
But .... these  magnificent frilly leaved plants, which I have an idea might have been edibles .... well,
I can neither find the empty packet or now remember what the hell they were!
Architectural certainly and a delight to see in the raised bed but what the hell they are, well I have not a clue lol

My gooseberries are growing but turn a shade of red, so think I must have a variant, think I did plant a jostaberry, so maybe that's these!
see? lol  - pretty right!
Woad growing below. I have had the seeds 2 years and hadn't expected them to grow to be honest. I may get a trial dye out of them yet.
And another fastening jacket here


  1. Sorry - no help on this front re the edibility of your plant, or any sort of identification either. Seeing your gooseberries has me now wanting a piece of gooseberry pie (we had a massive bush at the house - dangerous things to pick, but oh so good to eat!!). And woad - a mystery to me...never heard of it. Gather it's good for dyeing but not for eating??

  2. looks like curly parsley to me. looks like your garden is doing well.

  3. No idea about the frilled leaves. Some kind of asian salad leaf? I've never heard of josterberries but it looks like a dessert gooseberry to me. We ate our own first strawberries last night. That's strawberries as in plural..... one each!

  4. I would love to know what that plant is too--love the frilly leaves! There is a free app called Like That Garden that has helped me identify a few plants. You take a closeup photo and it comes back with suggestions as to what it might be-- worth a try!