Saturday, 20 June 2015

Kale maybe?

It is just conceivably possible my triffid plant is Kale!
Jean suggested it might be Kale and bells rang in my head.
I had thought I had planted something edible in that bed and I have an idea ( now) that there may have been a free pkt of seeds on a gardening magazine, so maybe, just maybe,
I did plant some free Kale seeds!
Then forgot about them!
I tasted the leaves and golly they are sharp and tangy so probably best not to let them grow so big!

My granddaughter has had Rotavirus, we now know, so that's almost certainly what we have all had, courtesy of her lol Bless her.

Despite that - I have made a skirt and knitted a little cardigan for a Cuddles Time rag doll, for Evie.  
I bought 2 similar ready made commercial dolls from someone off a Facebook group page who was offloading stash.
( Fabric and Craft items for sale, I think that's what it is, there's a few members in the US too)
Quite satisfied with the cardi, given I had no pattern and just knit to fit as it were. The wool was a car boot sale buy from last summer I think.

I matched her pig tail ties with the same wool too and if Evie takes to her, I may make some additional clothes.
I might as well dress the other doll up as well and put her on a stall come Christmas time.
I think they will both need small teddies to hug too don't you?

My sincere thanks to Christine (
 who recognised the X stitch in my cushion front!!
I had wondered myself where the scene might have come from and it's
Le Chateau de Chillon in Switzerland!
I am so thrilled I am going to try and stitch the name somewhere on it
because by next week I shall forgotten the name completely! 
Age and general brainlessness : )

Well Christine, how about these next please? lol
The two on the right have been stitched with silk and are beautifully stitched with such tiny stitches.


  1. Hello Lyn! So glad that you have discovered what your have grown in your garden but it is a pity that you don't think you will be able to eat it! Glad to have been of help with recognising the picture of the Le Chateau de Chillom but I have to say I don't recognise and of the other scenes... sorry! I love your clothes for the pretty little rag doll and I think teddy for her would look wonderful. Hope Evie likes her! Enjoy the longest day of the year!! :) x

  2. Dolly looks sweet all dressed up and definitely needs a teddy :)