Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Hair issues and a very nice book, or two

A girl does need a hairbrush first thing to combat that tussled look?
By 2am that morning she was in nannies bed lol
after coughing and choking away bless her, I gave up and brought her in with me!

This week is half term school holidays so I have been sorting through magazines and have 40 so far to offload to either charity shops or stitchy club. But I also need to clear the table lol

A reasonable view of my titchy little back garden this and don't you like the cucumber plant cloches?  - tonic bottles obviously : )

Went garden centre shopping on sunday and saw these which both made me smile - not convinced the stools would that comfy mind you!But zip it was kind of funny, his teeth are whiter than mine, so he clearly hasn't drunk much tea and coffee!

I paid the extortionate price of £9.99 for this book
 ( having now seen it on Amazon for £3.99 !!)
but the pictures in it would transfer to quilting patterns and more especially to redwork I reckon.
If you see it on book shelves, do take a look. I love it!
Not sure I can bring myself to colour it in though lol

I also got a new book by Janet Bolton and hadn't realised quite how Japanese -y most of her work is, in its simplicity of layout.
Seeing so much of it in one book together, I can't help but see the oriental artwork influence.

The April rosette is not growing very fast - lol
Oh and this is a fastenings waistcoat I brought home to finish, because the lad needs it the first day back at school.
He has cerebral palsy and very weak hand/finger mobility and they are concerned he wont be able to fasten his own shirt buttons once in secondary school later this year.
So I'm using real shirt buttons on this one, using the button plackets and intend to stitch the cuffs on the front too, though whether he will use it is anyone's guess.
He's fiercely independent bless him and embarrassed by what he views as his weakness.
I had picked up some brilliant shirts for 50p each and all were fantastic cotton fabrics, so they were for the chop anyways, so using the buttons and cuffs for work is no hardship.


  1. I agree with Dasha, your blog is very lovely! I'm going to settle down with a drink to have a really good read x

  2. Lots going on, as usual. Your granddaughter is so cute. I'm gong to take a peek at the Janet Bolton. book.

  3. How sweet is she! Loving your rosette.

  4. Like the look of your new books Lyn.... I love books myself! Hope your grand-daughter is feeling better soon! Love the tonic bottle cloches... great recycling!! Have a good week! :) x

  5. I had a laugh at all the whacky stuff in that Garden Centre. As you say, perhaps not practical, but what fun!

  6. Loved the garden center! Thanks for visiting my blog Liniecat. Found the Telephone Man song on You Tube. Hilarious!