Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Deb O'hare at our EYES stitchy club : )

We had a welcome visit at our stitchy group from Deb O'hare last weekend, she came to give us a talk on the Saturday and then ran a workshop the next day.
Sorry Deb - I managed to take your photo when you blinked!!

I have been following Deb online for some while now and it was really lovely to meet her after nattering via email and the comments sections of our blogs for so long!
Deb is an accomplished fabric painter and makes some really beautiful  textile wall hangings, ( I had previously purchased 2 and a couple of her hare patterns too). She uses her painted fabrics with both hand and machine quilting on her work. You can see her work on the links above, they are well worth browsing through!

Her talk was just perfect for most of us, because it was "Tales from my Scrap Bag" and I reckon almost all of us have bags of scraps in need of taming!
From a comparatively small brown paper bag, which had held scrap fabrics - Deb made a surprisingly large number of projects and she helpfully explained to us what she had done and which techniques she had used.
I think many of us came away inspired to tackle our own scrap bags now! In fact her talk is almost a challenge to anyone who has a bag of scraps - so watch this space, later in the year!

We are lucky at club since we have a large hall to meet in, as you can see from the pics below, taken at the workshop on the sunday, its a large hall and at the Saturday meetings we regularly have 125+ladies seated for the talks.
The workshop was great fun and we all learned something new and most of us got on quite well making a tumbling feather wall hanging.
Several of us bought Deb's fabulous hand painted fabric packs to use and below are some examples of what we had by the end of the workshop.
I have yet to finish mine of course, but suffice to say my Millefiori rosettes will have to wait till my feathers are complete : )

This is Margaret Wright our clubs Chairman also enjoying the day.

By the end of the workshop we were all on track for a finish as you can see. ( Mines on the left below with the naff quilting lol I need way more practise at that - hey ho )

 Jeans above if you enlarge it, has the most beautifully transfer painted feathers.  ( http://jeansmuse.blogspot.com
Thanks so much Deb ( and hubby) for  trailing up from south wales to our northern hemisphere!
Oh and if any of you bought the current UK Stitch magazine, the fabric jug featured in it was made by one of our own club members,
Anne Pye!


  1. What a fun workshop! You all look like you've had a great time creating.

  2. Oh, you've got me excited now. I'm doing a workshop with Deborah called Moongazing Hare in October. Seems like you had an interesting day too.

  3. Hello Lyn! Looks like you had a fabulous day.... I can see some lovely quilting there! Have a lovely day! :) x

  4. Looks like such a fun day! Must say that I wondered what you were referring to when you said fabric jugs, and it wasn't til I embiggened the picture that I understood. They look real!!