Saturday, 9 May 2015

A change from Millefiori patchwork ~

I needed a change from the Millefiori patchwork

which if you haven't seen it before, do nip over to the Facebook group page and feast your eyes on some of the wonderful rosettes folks are making.

It's addictive EPP and well worth having a go at!

So I thought I would make a start on an activity boards for my granddaughter, rather like some I've made for the kids at work
but on this occasion, since she has sight, I don't need to use as many tactile different fabrics.

This mdf board is covered with Velcro accepting fabrics, which means its like the softer side of Velcro, so that you can attach the tackier Velcro side to whatever you want to stick on and take off.
Does that make sense lol ?
I get the fabric which is 110" wide from in case your interested.

It means a child can put on and take off items, and of course they stay put, be they Baa Baa Black Sheep, 5 little ducks or Old MacDonald as above.
My intention is to make characters for the nursery rhymes she's currently singing -  thanks to You Tubes various Nursery Rhyme singalong with films - which are a godsend when you want a five minute break, or a quick tiddle believe me !
I have made Old MacDonald as a finger puppet and will make some animals next to go with him.
The back of the board is covered in black, so Twinkle Twinkle  Little Star works on the reverse and it will be better for laying letters or numbers on later, for clarity.

I finished another fastenings jacket at work last week again. This one is for a little girl with very poor finger strength so the emphasis was on buttons and zips.

It was my granddaughters 2nd birthday party today and
she got her first car from an auntie!
Her dad's dad opted for being the push power and she was all round well impressed!

She had a cute and tasty cake!

I know it looks like she is giving a finger sign but trust me she wasn't!!


  1. love the things you make for kids. such lucky recipients. happy birthday to Evie. they're allowing them to drive younger and younger these days.....i know she's having fun.

  2. What a great idea the activity board is, I am sure Evie will have lots of fun with that! Loved her little car and beautiful birthday cake! :) x

  3. Gosh, you've been busy. The activity board is a great idea and I'm going to have a go myself. I know Isobel would love it. Your granddaughter is so pretty and the cake is fab.Did you make that too?

  4. Those are really great projects. You're a smart one :). Such a sweet little girl. I bet she was trying to point at that yummy cake

  5. The activity boards are great - it kind of reminds me of the paper dolls and their clothes. I couldn't wait for my Mom to get McCall's so I could see what Betsy and her clothes would be like!

    Evie is a doll and her cake is so cute!

    Your Millefiori block is stunning!

  6. oooh - I love the idea of the activity board! It would be fun to make one for Logan. Will have to check out our fabric store to see if I can find any 'Velcro accepting fabric' (never heard of it before).