Friday, 22 May 2015

One Lovely Blog Award -Thank you Dasha !

Am late posting this but lovely Dasha from
nominated me and others for the One Lovely Blog Award and I can't thank her enough!

The purpose of the award is to nominate fellow, mostly newer bloggers,
that they wish to recognise.
The goal being to bring attention to blogs that we think are 'lovely' places to go visit and enjoy reading.
We hope others will also enjoy visiting these blogs too.

Nominees are asked to disclose seven facts about themselves lol
so here goes my seven!


I'm partial to gin and tonic : )
This is Saffron Gin and a new find for me, it's a wonderful amber colour in the bottle and with tonic is delightfully golden and yes, tasty!

I spent many years in cat rescue, fund raising each weekend on a car boot stall to pay for the food and vets bills. Over the years I have had some wonderful cats in my care and couldn't part with some of them.
I have only 2 left now and one of those I acquired by default last summer - that's hooligan Harvey, at 14months he's like a (gammy) legged teenager. He has more enthusiasm than common sense lol

I was an Air Load Master in the RAF, roleing, loading and flying on the VC10 aircraft and I was lucky enough to go to some amazing places, like Hong Kong, Belize, Guam, the Maldives and also Kathmandu to name but a few.
This was the last VC10 aircraft out of RAF Gan, then in the Maldive Islands, before the RAF station there closed down, taken by an RAF photographer whose name I can't recall now sorry.
I had been on the aircraft that left the night before.

It's heart breaking to me to see the devastation that has been wrought in Nepal after the earthquakes. The Nepalese I met were so lovely, kindly folk and many were Ghurka soldier families.
Most of the families had walked miles from their homes in the hills and then climbed aboard an aircraft for the first time in their lives and were flown through to Hong Kong to quarters there.
The only aircraft they'd have ever seen before, had been soaring above  the Himalayan mountains and now they were expected to climb up clattery aircraft stairs and be swallowed up in one! 
All were obviously scared to death!
The Ghurka soldiers were the most wonderful aircraft passengers.
Each and every one of them came on board either in uniform or  smartly dressed in identical blazers, super smart trousers, highly polished shoes and white shirts with ties.
They were courteous, smiling and each one drank only tea, not a single coffee drinker amongst them!
If you haven't donated to the DEC Nepal Appeal, please consider doing so, however small an amount, please.

I'm truly superb at starting stitchy, knitty or crochet projects!
I could get an award for that alone, yes honestly!

But I'm also appalling at finishing things ~
it's not that I have that many UFO's ....... exactly,
but I do have several things on the go all at the same time
and flit from one to the other.

I have reduced my hours of work somewhat, but am still employed to devise and make tactile learning resources for visually, hearing or physically impaired children.
That explains why you'll see things I have made ( and actually finished!) for work on these pages too quite often.

My only real claim to fame of sorts, is that I make these trees from all recycled materials and have sold quite a lot.

So that's my 7 facts - are you still awake?

Now I should post 10 blogs for you to visit but I cant choose only 10, so I am going to cheat and ask you nip in and out of the blogs I follow from time to time.
However I do need to make sure that the list of blogs I follow is actually on my blog page! Should have done that first I realise LOL
Okay, so far I have the title but haven't sussed out how to move the blogs I follow, onto the blog!

So fact 8 ........ would be that I'm a techno dummy!!
Since the blogs I follow aren't showing up, why not visit the lovely blogs that follow me instead?
I follow them anyway and once I've sussed how to add the other blogs in, you'll hear about it next!

I will however ask you to read this quote below from one dear bloggy pal of mine whose passion is crazy quilting.
The magazine she's talking about needs some additional circulation,
so if you know anyone at all interested in crazy patchwork or the exquisite embroidery so often found on it......... do please pay her and the magazine a visit!

Many of you know that I'm involved in the new 'Crazy Quilt Quarterly' magazine spearheaded by Pam Kellogg, and will have noticed the cover pictures in my sidebar (where, by the way, you can click and be taken directly to where you can purchase your very own copy!). I'm asking you a favour - would you please consider doing a little blurb on your blog about the magazine? Our success depends on two things - people submitting pictures and/or articles about their work AND the word getting out that the magazine even exists. The more people that post about it, the more the word will get around, and the magazine will just keep getting better and better. If you want further information, please feel free to contact either Pam (pkellogg AT mc DOT net) or myself (marmic1954 AT hotmail DOT com). Thanks so much!!


  1. Hello Lyn! Nice to get to know more about you, I enjoy reading your blog. Love your trees and I have just received my copies of the lovely 'Crazy Quilt Quarterly' magazines.... some beautiful projects in there to look at! Have a lovely weekend! :) x

    1. Thanks Christine : )
      Love having you here, drop in any time lol

  2. Hi Lyn, you have just reminded me that I was nominated too so must get on with my post today.I have been debating which seven facts to include.
    I mentioned to my husband about the VC10s and he said they were lovely aircraft but noisy. Is that true? What a responsibility you had in your job.
    The earthquake in Nepal was truly shocking and then they were hit with a second too. We were away in Stamford, Lincs last weekend so I popped into Oxfam to donate to their special appeal.
    Techno dummy?- never! well, maybe sometimes.

  3. What a great post! I know we've been following each other's blogs and emailing back and forth but this was great because I learned more about you (not the gin which I already knew about but the RAF)! What interesting travels you have had!

  4. Great fun to read your seven facts - some of which I knew, some I didn't. Of course we know about your fondness for gin (and the ensuing bodily injuries...tee hee). You also know that I adore your marvelous trees...they're absolutely amazing! And (last but definitely not least) thank you SO much for the shout out for the magazine and my blog. It's people like you that will help make it a success. Hugs!!!

  5. This was a great post Lyn. I have enjoyed the posts in the OLB Award. There have been so many interesting things come out of the closest. Tee Hee.