Thursday, 30 April 2015

Fastening waistcoats for work and such ..

Well tomorrow it will be May ..................the months are flying by ..!

Made up a couple more fastening waistcoats for work this week, got two more to make next week too.

My fig tree has survived the winter thankfully and being dug up, then replanted in one of the raised beds, though I doubt I will ever get edible fruit from it. But that's fine maybe the birds will get to eat the fruit in time.

Harvey has taken to thrusting his head into the growing cat nip, maybe I should try it ... he seems to be happy enough afterwards!

Evie's found a new use for this toy box ~ she's also learnt the words
'I don't like it' ............. it's meaning being interchangeable for whenever she doesn't want to eat or do anything..

Don't these just make you want to smile?


  1. Lovely waistcoats and what a cutie Evie looks! :) x

  2. Those waistcoats will be so interesting for the children. I thought you had slightly questionable taste in clothes until I remembered your job! Beware the fig tree by the way. Once they get their roots down there is no stopping them. We have one about 30 years old that we have to prune (hack back) every year. We get great figs though. Have good weekend.

  3. Your garden looks so pretty..what I can see of it....what do you have in the round basket in the shot with puss? Are they heartsease in the last pic?

  4. Little kids and cats have a fascination with boxes, don't they. When our kids were small Jack sometimes brought home a huge cardboard appliance box that quickly became a castle, or a fort or a house (or sometimes all three).

  5. Lovely garden shots. And what a sweetie in that box! You'd better watch out that she isn't accidentally posted off to the other side of the world in it. LOL

  6. The waistcoats are looking great and Evie is so cute! I think you'll probably get figs sooner or later and, in the meantime, the flowers are very pretty :)

  7. Lovely photos, Lyn -- your little Evie is absolutely adorable. I love fig trees, they have to be brought indoors (or wrapped really well) here during the winter. Had one for about 3 years and it was about 18" tall and then poof, it was gone. Pansies just seem to bring out the best in us.....xoxo