Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Ruby Reds - a win! - and Wentworth Miller a new hero to admire

First something more light hearted in this post : )

For those of you from afar afield, Withernsea is on the coast not far from Hull and these ladies were on Britains Got Talent last week.
Keep watching. Your guaranteed a smile!

Brave ladies yes? Yes!

I left a comment on Billies blog a short while ago, meant as a comment rather than an entry for the giveaway she was running,
 ~ but I won!!
I hadn't given it a second thought afterwards since I follow Billies blog by email and its a delightful place to go visit, and I certainly hadn't expected to win.
But imagine my surprise when she told me my name had been drawn and now, the goodies have arrived!
I had been thinking it would be a single small pack of fabric pre cuts and I was really lucky to have that - but no!
I'm SO thrilled,
SO thrilled LOL
and look at the wonderful Bee My Honey fabrics too!!
Oh Billie and Big Mickey Thank you both!!

Please pop over and say hello to them both too.

I borrowed the box set of Prison Break and am half way through it,
and have been enjoying watching it, not least because of the extremely good looking actor Wentworth Miller.
I was also very taken by the leather clad guys in The Musketeers, I may have mentioned it before lol

Well imagine my surprise when I found this speech by Wentworth on You Tube.
He's gay and maybe I'm the last to find out.
He's still bloody lovely looking mind you and now, I respect the guy even more.

This speech at the Human Rights Campaign launch in Seattle is really worth listening to and highlights why he took so long to come out.
He's way more of a hero to me now!


  1. hmmm - men in leather vs. fabrics.....hmmmmm.........

  2. ...and long leather coats and all mussed looking hair and manly strides......mmmmmm. ha ha Lyn, I did take notice of the rest of your post, promise :)

  3. Congrats on winning that gorgeous fabric and thank you for the links you've shared. The Ruby Reds did make me smile - fabulous! And I found Wentworth Miller's speech very moving. I was very impressed by his courage and authenticity and I'm sure his story will be a great help to many people who hear it :)

  4. I love Billies blog too! Congrats on your winnings <3