Monday, 13 April 2015

Susan Syddell at Stitchy Club

We had Susan Sydell as the guest speaker last Saturday showing her machine stitching on paper.
Some of the pieces were really striking and she explained how she at first started drawing and then stitching the wiring on electricity pylons.
However, as clever as they were, once she concentrated on fishing boats' rigging instead, she realised the reason why none of her electricity wiring pictures hadn't sold!

Susan uses paper that has a fabric content so that the stitching doesn't tear it.


Susan uses Brusho paints and had some samples with her where she had dribbled pva glue over the paint whilst it was still wet. I thought it was really interesting as a technique and that you like to see the effects.

One of the club members put this table runner on the display table and I thought it worth showing. She made it for an Easter table display at home and I had never seen one made this way before.


  1. Hello Lyn! Looks like you had a very interesting talk and discovered some very unusual techniques... some of them look a bit like silk screen painting. Have a lovely week! :)

  2. That's pretty interesting! What a unique technique. I've stitched on paper scrapbook pages before but never made actual pictures with stitching. Very inventive.

  3. Can't imagine machine stitching on paper - wouldn't leave much room for error I would think.