Monday, 13 April 2015

Work looms ahead : )

The garden is showing signs of Spring - Hooray! 
The raised beds are filled with soil now and some plants  and seeds are in place in them. There is a bed to the right out of sight above,
2 at right angles  to each other, farthest right and one just visible, on the left here and below.
Like the snazzy springs laid to discourage the cats from tiddling there? lol they were in this which I picked up at Scrapstore.

We have been ever so lucky with weather over this Easter break and in the last week we have some glorious blue skies and delightfully warm days.
I managed a few days sat out back, bathed in warm sunshine, stitching away and hardened some of the seeds off though my tomatoes seem inclined to be scrawny so far!
Perhaps they don't like being seeded in cut away milk flagons and juice cartons, that fit on my narrow window sills better than seed trays!

The cats kept me company and the dog was tucked snugly at my feet.
I had moved from a cupper to G&T at sunset : )

Proof here that we had blue skies!

Sadly, I am back at work tomorrow but having had 2 weeks off, now that I am working term time only, I shouldn't complain ....

The window cleaner pulled out the wafting dried pampas grasses for me, left behind at the roof eaves by an enthusiastic, but inept nest building starling and happily, said starling has not tried to build again!
Bless him ~

That patchwork above is my new 1st Millefiori rosette, I was never satisfied with my original one, so have remade it in different colours.
I decided to remake the 1st one rather than start my April (4th) rosette
and this is as far as I am with it at present.

I visited a charity shop one day and got a bargain roll of fabric for £3. Thinking there was perhaps 2 or 3 mts on it and it would make a cover for one of the leather settees, I hauled it home and since the sun was beaming, I washed it.
All 6 metres of it!
The single quilt cover was 50p and is actually a lovely cotton with a subtle self coloured pattern on the cream back, so that got washed and dried too.


  1. those springs to keep the cats away are a brilliant idea. i wonder if it would deter the squirrels. lots of squirrels here digging into everything. the bed with the flowers is looking so cheerful. just came in from weeding and it's already getting too hot here.

  2. Sounds like you got yourself a bargain at that op shop! But you'll have to tell me what those white things with the springs inside them are for.

  3. I wonder if the springs would be good for perennial plant supports? It has been lovely too here in Wales. Mike has been clearing the garden ready for some replanting and his tomatoes have their first flowers. I'll be glad of warmer weather as they are taking over the conservatory! Looks like you had a productive break from work.

  4. Rather a brilliant idea to use springs - they'd give additional support to the plants too I would think. Might be a little work in the fall to disengage them from all the foliage perhaps, but worth if if the kitties tiddle elsewhere.