Saturday, 11 February 2012

Rachel Lombard at stitchy club

Stitchy club meet today............and a talk by Rachel Lombard with a display of some of her work and I succumbed and bought her
Its like Kim Thittitachi's latest book with the most wonderful textured cover, all smoothe and warm feeling.....which is the lamest reason to buy a book...right? lol
Will let you know what its like when Ive had time to read it through.
One of her college workbooks interested me very much.
Rachel had been researching our continual concern with beauty and the pursuit of perfection through clinical intervention and had explored how beauty is expressed in other cultures.
The pages below struck me as interesting in the way she had used nails, pins and plastic straps inserted in the paper.

I dont know why, but scarification and tattoes always remind me of cave art.... wonder what Freud would have said about that!

I love fabric boxes, I've never made any but I did like these two above that Rachel had made. And I adore the mother of pearl buttons used on the lower one, with the threads all perfectly toned to the buttons colours. Each of these had personal family phrases stitched around the sides, making them a family heirloom for the future, nice that.


  1. What better reason for buying a book than it having a textured cover? The fact that it has good stuff inside too is just icing on the cake.

  2. The sample didn't please me, although I liked the burned papers texture, and do want to work with it. Good idea to cut up the photos and work with them. These sketch books are v. interesting.

  3. Thanks for popping by my blog. I like the look of Rachel's sketchbooks. Her work reminds me of a student's work I had a few years ago, she made a whole dress from fake nails! It was quite amazing/ disturbing.



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