Saturday, 25 February 2012

Gardening..batik...and aged cat

A lovely spring like afternoon, so a short while outside and grandson opted to water plants for me...........this was after he'd chased the poor dog around, trying to water on him

I was at the dentist this past week and once again was struck by the batiks they have there, all framed up.
This one inspires me, I love the plant or tree at the front and the crazy bird shapes. I can SO see these shapes on a little quilt in bright colours, the shapes are such fun.

My eldest cat took to living on the kitchen worktop 2 or 3 weeks back. He seemed off colour and withdrew himself, so I humoured him and cleared a corner of the worktop for him.
He's since then, decided he's going to be sociable again and unusually, since he's always been still very much a semi feral, now comes for a lap sit each evening, so I'm very honoured.
He was one of 5 black kittens and a black queen cat that were all buggers to catch, beside a railway line years ago.
Mum was neutered and put back since she was W-I-L-D bless her.
One of her 4/5 month old kittens was neutered too and went back as well since he was a really mean young lad already.
There's a small manned railway line crossing where I trapped them all and the British rail guys took turns to feed the mum and her son.
But the other 4 kittens I felt could tame down when split up.
Three of them tamed down surprisingly quickly once split and worked on, one by one.
But Fergus here was somewhat resistant and lived for 5 months in the living room, determined not to be touched or stroked. He used a litter tray and ate well, then slowly, slowly I won him round. But he's not been domesticated really. He's just paid me lip service LOL
He must be feeling alot better because now he allows my other semi feral to snuggle in with him.
He's about 16+ and she's 11........and they both seem to have forsaken their spots in the dining room lol
I suppose a change is as good as a rest!
I think he's got thyroid issues so he's off in for bloods and then teeth cleaning next week and will most likely be on thyroid tablets after that.
Although Ive never managed to get tablets into him easily yet, so this could be a whole new experience for both of us....!


  1. your grandson is darling. how lucky that he's willing to help...and cause a little mischief as well. everytime i see a picture of someones cats, i want one, but i keep resisting. i had 2 that died at the ages of 18+ but that was a very long time ago.

  2. Your grandson is a sweetie and working very hard! I can see why you're attracted to the batiks.

  3. Fabulous story Lyn, they look so happy
    We are renaming ours as the oakey coakey cat oh she is in or shes out!!!

  4. Oh that is a great honour isn't it Lynne. I haven't had cats for years now, but I love them and always say 'hello' to any I see and feel so pleased if they decide they like me enough to come and pet me :~))) I hope the tablet giving goes well....luckily with Tilly, a tiny bit of butter does the trick :~)

    That batik would look great as a the design of it.

    Your grandson looks so sweet with his watering can :~)

  5. What a sweet photo of that cute little boy! How does he do with the cats? So interesting to read about your older cat, and heartwarming that he's come around after all these years. Would you consider him to be tamed at this point or does it never change? This makes me miss having a cat, every time I see a post with a cat in it, I miss our cats. I should check out adopting one that's used to dogs chasing around the house....xo

  6. Peggy, cats 'allow' us to pet them when they feel inclined lol Fergus has mellowed enough to come sit on my lap since hes been ill, but he maintains his wild thing.............and wouldnt let me go pick him up....if he didnt want me to!
    He trusts myself and my daughter but takes flight at everyone else. Hes survived the extraction of almost all his teeth, despite a heart murmer and now we await news, to see if its thyroid or maybe cancer thats caused all the weight loss.
    His kidneys are fine thankfully though.
    Thyroid we can treat, but I wont put him through any major cancer treatments, I'll nurse him at home till hes in pain, then let him go whilst he still has his dignity.
    Hes still inheritantly a wild thing............who suffers us when he wants something lol be that a hug, stroke or food!