Sunday, 12 February 2012

More body art but for protection! and hexies

I forgot to post this yesterday and I cannot now recall which tribe or culture Rachel Lombard said practised it. 
But this facial tattoo art is done by the mothers to prevent their daughters being taken away.
I assume there must be or have been,some threat that their daughters would be kidnapped or stolen away.
So its considered a protective measure, rather than a sign of beauty or a symbol of cultural identity!
I wonder if it still practised today?
Also the clubs display of what some members had finished making
( for which they deserve a medal - esp when I look at my UFO stack getting higher and higher lol)
there was this great hexi cushion made by Alison Laird.
It looks quite dark until you get close to it and then you realise its lots and lots of weeny hexies...and it looked as if it was silk fabrics too.
the camera flash makes it look darker than it really is, the colours are so subtle and all toned so well together.
It was just lovely..

There was also this other hexie quilt there... by Ann Richardson.

And talking about hexies, do go see this very clever way to use your hexies, which had never occured to me before !


  1. I've been making hexxies for the project I'm working on currently - they're fun to do. Tomorrow I'm going to try making some really tiny ones.

  2. Lyn, I love that link you gave, am going right back there now! Your friends' hexies are great, they do take so much patience AND precision though, don't they? I poke along now and then with mine...