Sunday, 26 February 2012

Please vote for the winner of your choice? The Town that Drowned - book review....

There are only 4 entries and although I no longer go to the club, our dolls house club has entered the competition above.............
Mind you I did make the boys legs that you can barely see sticking out from under the table clothed table end lolol
( he's looking up the womens skirts, well you know what little boys can be like ....)
If you think youd like to vote for any of the clubs entries...please do!

And I want to thank Riel Nason once again for book she sent to me , which I won in a giveaway last year.
I have finally read it and really, really enjoyed it!

Its perfectly charming, with interesting and likeable characters..well all except one of the lasses at the school, who I swear I like her is probably in most schools!
Like Ruby I never felt as if I fitted in..
I can recommend you read it, its humorous and abit like reading your own thoughts from when you were a leggy almost teenager, on the cusp of adulthood.
Ruby's brother is an amazing young man with special gifts but whom most would call different and perhaps not take seriously.
The whole issue of losing the place you live in too, why our home and sense of place is so important.............there's alot in this book that read it!
I think you'll enjoy it.

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