Thursday, 15 April 2010

There's more ....

The cats have been fed, Ive had a bite to eat too, so now back to a catch up ...
Not a great picture but enough to give you an idea of the felted poppy and its construction. The knitting needle 'nob' end is central and Ive centred a twisted tangle of novelty yarn around it, then stitched the individual leaves into position. I think I must have ensured the flower wouldnt slide down the needle, by finally squeezing some pva into the base of the flower, around the needle.

And to prove I love real flowers too, a couple of cheery yellows to greet me when I hang washing on the line -  Spring at last!

The cowslips remind me of my childhood and walks in 'Fairy Glen', which  was a strip of gated, hedgerowed land, set between fields on the outskirts of Broomfleet village, up here in East Yorkshire. It was choc full of violets, primroses and cowslips growing wild when I was a child. There were bunnies and birdsong and coming from Birmingham city, I was in heaven in there, it was to me, a real secret garden of sorts.
It had a humpy backed, once cobbled, mini bridge but overgrown with grass and weeds, beneath which was an odlet, a stream. We kids once scrambled beneath the bridge shape and found small stalactites hanging from its roof and a mill stone straddling the streams waters.
Later I learnt that it had once been the site of Fransiscan Friary (or monastary of sorts) and of course that only added to the mystical magic of the place. Sadly, it was to be levelled by the lands owner in later years, so he might have a larger area to plant, so any archeology will have been covered over Im sure, hidden, lest it hold up planting probably.

This collagey piece is finished now I reckon, kept it simple since I was just playing. It reads Charm with soul - and so to bed, no ulterior message there lol  - it just sort of happened as I scanned pages for interesting words to tear out! Shelagh, thanks for the cellophane and plastic netting!

Its straightforward, being only torn strips from a magazine, laid side by side onto a brown paper bag whichw as ironed onto fusible interfacing. The torn words were glue stuck into postion, then I coated it all with acrylic wax and laid a piece of burgundy/black voile across it.
Left it to dry thoroughly and then hand sticthed into it randomly.
I zapped it a little with the heat gun to cause afew holes ( like stockings I thought lol) then attached the netting and the cellophane, followed by another light zapping. It was a therapy piece you know? Like doodling lol

Now the next piece was a small canvas I picked up for 10p at a car boot and it was blethered ( that yorkshire technical term again ) in oil paint, in a gaudi like chaos of colours, none of which sat well next to eachother!
It 'spoke' to me, but its taken a while to decipher what it might have been saying !
So after black gessoing it, splodgingly, I added afew bits, a piece of crochet, some torn voiles and paper, some of that plastic netting again Shelagh and this is as far as Ive got with it.
Ive been letting it thoroughly dry.
But its says Icon to me at the moment, I think! So more layers and zapping, maybe even cracking, is needed there yet. Though in miniature here on the page its looks abit like a Nightmare Bride!

And - so to bed! 

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