Monday, 19 April 2010

Funeral and then time out on the beach

Attended a cremation last friday morning with my daughter, it was for the Mum of her ex from when they were in their teens. Not many there, but such lovely things were said about her that we were both really upset afterwards. Not all shmaltsy, but telling the amazing things shed gotten up to and had achieved in her life.
This lady had been very kind to my daughter and thought alot of her, though I didnt get to know her at all well then, the celebration of her life made me realise Id missed out.
Made me think that my two wouldnt know what music to play at my own 'do' so maybe I should put a plan into action, to make it easier for them to organise things, when I trip away to who knows where. 
(Hopefully not just yet .... )
Plus it also made me realise I probably wouldnt have anyone there to say such great things about me, to help my kids, so they might know who the real me, was? Does that make sense? lol Dont worry, not looking for volunteers!
Sad that when we pass away , all the amazing things we have seen and done, that have been special to us, moulded us, changed us, thrilled us, is lost and our kids know nothing of any of it.
Unless it has been written down, recorded some place I suppose.

Anyway afterwards, I went to the coast and I took some time out on both North Beach, Bridlington and then Fraisthorpe beach to the south.
The coast has a calming effect on me but poor Tylah had to go to work afterwards, pity. So piccies of what I saw ... patterns and textures ..
The one on the rights almost like a middle finger salute! (sorry lol)

Fraisthorpe beach is littered with huge war defences that have fallen apart now and the muscle growths above, cover enormous 6' square concrete whatever the were's, but I loved the gnarled wood as much as the encrusted,largely vacant muscle beds textures.

Above right looked for all the world like a fossilised fish, but was infact concrete remains broken off the defences and submerging into the sand....but when I printed it off ...well ....

or maybeI also collected some of the lovely seaweed  off north beach that I so like, that looks for all the world like old lyle stockings, reckon they'll ever be back in fashion? I want to try dyeing it, hadnt thought to do it before but just wondered how it would look.

Over the glorious weekend, (no sign of the sun today mind you) I did a little bit in the garden and also some clarty bits, so see what a difference a week makes to the primroses!
And those accidental backgrounds I ended up with?
Wall art of a kind. I dribbled pva glue on them, which I then dribbled Crafty Notions special effects paint on, let it set for a while and then heat gunned it all, to get the horse(?) effect and the raised squiggles. The pva balloons up when heated and then, deflates into an almost leathery remains.

I mentioned the odd coloured cd packets I think, that were at Scrapstore and here they are as you find them ..

Im not really sure if they are Tyvek or a Kunin fabric but they do zap down and the odd plastic, feels as if it should 'do' something too.
SO, I painted afew and will see what happens with them, as I go along.

These paints are much like the Stewart Gill paints, rich, luscious and go far
further than youd think.


  1. Thanks so much for your comment. I'm going to put the bundles in the freezer as you suggest. It makes sense! But I don't think I will tell hubby and whisk them out before he notices! LOL :o)

    Your words about funerals resonated with me. I've been thinking along similar lines with my own father terminally ill and hoping to write his story next time I see him and think about my own story too (nothing terribly exciting) but yes, what music to play, etc.

    I make the most of a scrap store near me too. I think you and I share the same urge to "what if" with unusual stuff. Keep it up!

    Have a good week
    Carolyn :o)

  2. Good luck with the freezer lol what they dont see won't hurt them my Gran used to say !
    Ive done it with gulls wings too, to kill off any weeny lurgy in the feathers.Then brushed them lightly when theyve dried, seems to work ok.

    Our scrapstore has lean months but theres a huge supply of fabrics, expensive upholstery most of it, sometimes from a weding dress maker too.
    And foils, lots of foils from card makers which heat set or adhere to glues. We are lucky here and its not expensive at all.

    Sorry to know about your father Carolyn, get that tape recorder going, wish Id done that with my old Mum and Dad. We think we have time ...later, dont we.
    Im def going to try your bundle idea if I could just get up on the roof and dangle one off the chimney.....wahey!!