Friday, 16 April 2010

Beaut fabric and UK Scrapstores

Meant to mention this before, but when at the NEC, I spoke with a really pleasant lady buying, on the Art Van Go stand and we watched Lynda Monk use her incredibly clever techiques. Then we sat alongside eachother on a workshop later on and discussed kunin felt. How some Kunin zapped successfully and some didnt. I mentioned our local Scrapstore here in Hull frequently had all sorts of useful stuff for crafty folk like us. 
(They are to be found in most major cities though they are not a national chain, each individually run and as such, can have different joining criteria and differing, clean industrial waste to offer its members, though they do swap scrap with eachother several times a year. )
Here in Hull you pay a joining fee, in my works case, £18 annually and for that you get 3 membership cards and you pay about £4 for a shopping basket full of 'scrap' when you visit. Or I think its £8 for a large wheeled trolleys worth. Art students can pay for days entry and of cousre if you dont find anything to interest you, then you dont pay!

Now Smita went in search later on, of her nearest Scrapstore in Leicester I believe it was, and there, for £30 annual membership you could go and take scrap free, say once a month or so, so there its a higher joining fee but then free 'scrap'. However she didnt see very much at all that she would have wanted to take away with her, so didnt join.

I knew we had some kunin felt on a 60" roll at our Scrapstore for a very cheap price and shed loads of foil, so took her address and obtained some for her and posted it to her, to 'play' with. Now in exchange she very kindly sent me this delish fabric and as soon as Ive found her letter, with her email address in it I will email and thank her for it Smita if your reading this......Ive put the letter down somewhere safe.......and I love the fabric!
They now have some natty 5" square cd sleeves I think they are, with coloured, yes!  green, yellow, blue, pink and white squares of textured Tyvek in them!
fab fab fab! Well they didnt look much like Tyvek at first, but they didnt tear sooooo ..... then they didnt dissolve in water, but hey presto - they do disintegrate with the heat gun!
SO Smita I will send you afew to play with, and you too Shelagh and you too Maggie, watch for the postman next week!
But, they have now sold out of the Kunin.......... :(

Took a ride this afternoon out to Bridlington to collect my new Janome, not an all singing all dancing machine, just one that I can use specifically for machine embroidery in that the feed dogs will drop.
Took some photos on the beach, will post them in the next post, and I collected some dried seaweed, I love the stuff, its shaped like fingers and has the texture of old lylle stockings!
See Im so easily pleased, sunshine,  a walk along the beach and abit of beachcombing. Id be such a cheap date if there was only some bloke daft enough to give me a try! 


  1. What janome did you get?

  2. Helloooo, nothing fancy a simple JL-24, anything electronic as in computerised, and Id never use it! But I have a Brother and can now dedicate the Janome for machine embroidery which I have limited ability at but want to pursue.
    Hope you are well and business is ticking over okay?

  3. Hi Lyn! I tried to email you back, but it bounced! Your work will be featured on on May 6. Thanks so much for playing!


  4. Hi're posted today on MMA: