Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Magstitch bundle!

Now this sumptuous bundle arrived as a gift from Maggie Grey ( and Im still drooling over it, Thankyou So much Maggie!  I know you said several of us would receive a gift but Id imagined a small something not a smashing bundle with an original sample included!
That jade is so vibrant and all the fabrics work well together too..... so my brain is in scheming mode - what to do with them, whether to use them altogether or use them to compliment other pieces..........oooo I do like the thinking process before you get stuck IN... lol
Rusty Rita has been framed, quite simply, with some mishapen handmade paper covering a cardboard insert edging, to keep her trapped at the back of the frame. Ive hung her in my kitchen, shes too much of a waif to sell on lol
Now these flowers are also in my kitchen and are made using fabulous old unloved plastic coloured knitting needles. The needles can be quite brittle so they wont take a great deal of wear and tear sadly. I have collected quite afew of these needles and think this is the ideal way to display them around the home. Though I do have a batch of them simply in a jug, and odd ones dont matter, its the happy mix of colours, along with the nostagic memories they revive, that pleases me about them.
The flowers are made with no particular pattern from hartd washed woollen jumpers, picked up at jumble sales, car boots and charity shops.
They tend to be made from whats left when Ive done making fingerless gloves or hats or tea cosies or broaches from the woollies, so notalot is wasted!
Then of course, the medley of even smaller bits can be trapped between voiles and smashed together with the Embellisher!
Okay the cats are all sat alongside the computer here, making sure I know they are truly starving and so I had best go and feed the trio.
More later lol


  1. Anne Marie thankyou, shes on my kitchen wall.
    Gosh do I envy her her waist!! lol