Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Well, you have to smile at a face like that dont you!

Jack's nursery has swine flu apparently, not sure if its a child or a member of staff, but they are still open for business, so fingers crossed miladdo doesn't pick that up too.
He's had some 7 weeks of chest infection and they reckon he has asthma now, not uncommon in prems though I'm assured.
He's a year old on friday bless him.

Isn't it a bizarre feeling when you hold the child of your child, especially when they look so much like your child did at that age!

Okay got some more pics to post...........firstly a fabby, fabby gift from Joan at calanacrafts.blogspot. com, who invited comments about what we had on our needles and my name came out of the hat, so I received this simply sumptious bag of goodies from her. I can't tell you how wonderful the yarns are........the colours havent come up that well with my naff camera but they feeel simply fabulous.
There are some stunningly pretty little stitch holders too!

Please drop into her website or blog and see what amazing things she has for sale and what her work is like. She lives way up in Scotland and the spirit of the area, somehow shines through her work, it may sound daft that, but it's how it seems to me. And yes, I'm sober!
Okay now that pic was supposed to come out on the right, beneath what I'd just

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