Wednesday, 29 July 2009


and a felted vessel, which of course evryone should have at least one of..........its sideways on in the piccy but does actually stand upright in real life!
I made it on a workshop with the felter Ewa Kuniczak and though mine was not gossamer fine, which is the ultimate way to make a vessel (and the point of the workshop lol) enabling the sun and light shine through it.......... I was chuffed with my end product. It holds the mother of pearl buttons just fine and Ive lined it with a fine pinky tissue paper.
Of course, its of no use to man nor beast as a vessel, water would pour through it, despite it having been sealed with a sealant.........I forget which I used now........and it doesnt hold its shape if you fill it with goodies but as an aesthetically pleasing item, it's okay!
Im catching up on alot of missed posts, so geta cupper and pop back!

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