Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Okay now these are pics of some book pages I made at work for a child with special needs. The idea was that he had a sturdy book with different fabrics/textures that each had different kinds of 'pockets', that he had to locate and then put something in.
The book had 7 pages to it and on the front page there were examples of all the different openings. The pages were to be used singly at first and then all put together, in this case with circular ring closures...
The burgundy fabric features an elasticated pouch, the teddy has an openign at the top of his head, behind the ribbon and the red and white diagonal overlaps, so you have to tuck something into the bottom triangle. The white braid is so that a child can locate the seperate flaps more easily. Many special needs have limited mobility with their hands of course.
It needed to be washable, because this child often wiped his nose on the resources they used with him lol so central to each page is the thickest curtain sure thats not the name of it but hope you know what I mean!
Thankyou to Shelagh Folgate for suggesting I use it!! It worked a treat.

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