Saturday, 25 July 2009

Aren't grandchildren and work time consuming! I could fit it all in if they would allow me to remain at home, on full pay and I'd even be prepared to do some of the work for them, at home.....I'm generous afterall.

Jack is a year old next week, he's got a real personality now and is going to be a determined little soul. From being prem he has developed well but has had a nasty chest infection for several weeks, which has left him with suspected asthma, thrush from the inhalers and he contracted hand, foot and mouth disease too .........which is ulcers in the mouth and on the hands and feet.

I'd never heard of it, my own bairns never had it, so you learn another thing every day.......

great that though isn't it!

I managed to catch a bug off jack at the onset of his illness and ended up with 48 hours which may well have been swine flu for all I know, and a bleeding ulcer and then pleuracy!

Im still on treatment for the ulcer and the pleuracy lol

The ulcer I put down entirely to the ongoing repairs from the flood, when I wasnt actually internally flooded but my home was gutted anyway. The workmanship has been appalling.

For example the plumbers fitted the multiquix attachment from the loo in to the ground........upside down!

Comedy shows are made of things like that.

Big surprise, the loo flooded at the base, especially since to make it fit in the ground, the guy had removed an essential rubber seal.

All hail the British Tradesman sic.....

I'm awaiting analysis of the plaster used throughout on the walls, there's a suggestion they have not used the right plaster, which would mean the ground floor being gutted back to bricks again..... I'm going to need intavenous gin if that happens.

Okay what have I been up to creatively?

Ive been creating like mad, as therapy!

Smaller things to sell on stalls at craft events and some others to sell through a local store and then others just to see how something might look, or work out, IF I did this, that or the other.......playing in effect.

However I have also become a follower of Shelagh Folgate, a very clever lady who is resurecting the City & Guilds and who is also running a couple of Challenge groups via Yahoo Groups.

Shelagh has an interesting and fun blog, whose link I should have to hand but hadn't the sense to do so before this entry! So I will post it after this entry.............because otherwise Im going to lose what Ive finally sat down and nattered about so far!

I have some pics too of work I've done with her groups so far .....however most of them are on my memory stick............which is somewhere safe at the moment, along with 3 of my work flash drive gadgets.......... cough, I hate it when this happens!

What possible use can The Borrowers have with my memory sticks?

Have they got computers now down there where they live?!

The first challenge involved collecting the thicker plastic carrier bags, I won't give you the instructions of course, out of courtesy to Shelagh , but I ended up sending a package of UK carriers to Anne Marie in Canada, since they have been plastic carrier free, well ahead of us here in the UK. Good on Canada!

I nearly fainted when the post office wanted £7.20 for the postage! Plastic carrier bags weigh heavier than you think lolol But Anne Marie hopes to use them in making a clutch bag and I look forward to seeing what she does with them.

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