Wednesday, 29 July 2009

More of my work, aren't I just the luckiest in that I am paid to make stuff like this!!!
The book 'In Wibley's Garden', which is an updated version of Jack and the Beanstalk, in this case was to be used with hearing impaired littlies, to encourage them to talk.
Asked if I would make a little Pigley..........which is what Wibley goes looking for in the story........I got abit carried away lol
I photocopied the original book, laminated it and put in all the lift the flaps, like in the original.
I can ONLY do this, without infringing copyright, because it is being adapted for children to access it as an educational resource AND because I am not making any profit from it or making it for resale.

If I were asked to do this for a visually impaired child, then I would make a laminated version of the book, with braille laid over the text and adapt the flaps accordingly, using tactile fabrics, paper or whatever I felt might support the original story and try to keep the original illustrations in mind when doing so.
Here I have made the carrying box into a castle, the action man into the kindly giant, Wibley has become a hand puppet and Pigley is as he apears in the illustrations. Theres a green bean stalk that hangs down from the castle, a bean that grows.........a ladybird, a caterpillar and an antlike thing ... that also appears in the illustrations.
The idea is that the laminated book can be kept clean after use and that the interaction is easier if the child can enact the story along with the peripatotic teacher, in this case. I also made a magic hen finger puppet and a gold egg to go along with the story.
Funny.........when I started to paint the golden egg, which was a polystyrene egg........I sat and shook the paint tube..........and showered myself with gold paint...had to go home and change my clothes and put what Id been wearing striaght in the wash!
Of course the graphics guy who works in my room too, fell about laughing lol

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