Wednesday, 30 May 2018

My Anniversary day ...

Well this day each year always bites abit, I would have been married for
37 years today. 
Of course because himself jiggered off with a younger model, wanted a divorce and then went and died still aged only 40 - its always a hard day for me.
My kids of course never even think about it lol thankfully I suppose.
I never ventured back into the mating/hurting game and now I guess its just as well, looking around me at the half made this, that or the others : )

Okay enough nostalgia!
Hands up who remembers Bagpuss and the Clangers?
The original puppets have been on display at our Art Gallery, the Ferens.
I took a grandchild along to see them this week and he was not surprisingly, somewhat underwhelmed by their simplicity lol

Lovely to see original illustration artwork, the way it was before CGI and computers lol

     Ive forgotten what she was called, I didn't recognise her, a really spooky crow mind you! Do any of you recognise her?

The Poggles
                                                                   The Clangers 

              Interesting to see the dragon with its simply felt scales stuck on                      

                     Asparagus and Carrot rag dolls - late 1800s/early 1900s
                Ma-Coney rabbit 1930s
                Rag doll 1920s 



  1. Love the photos! Well you did all by yourself "your" way.

    1. Thankyou Billie - youd think after so many years alone Id not still mark the day LOL

  2. Perhaps it is best not to look back Lyn!! Life is strange but there's lots to be thankful for! Love this exhibition.... right in my age range The Clangers and one of my favourites, The Poggles from Poggle's Wood! Love it! Take care! Christine x

    1. Thank you Christine I have always headed forwards but its the one day of each year that the brain looks back lol

  3. Interesting to see the book characters - not ones I'm familiar with I'm afraid. I hope you marked the day with a special shot of 'tipply', despite the other half having, as you so aptly put it, jiggered off.

  4. I'm sorry this day has bad memories but think you were smart to do something fun with a grandchild. I've never heard of these characters but do enjoy seeing old stuffed animals.

    1. Thank you Ann - I got the best of the deal really, Ive always been here for the kids and now the grandkids - so I cant complain but occasionally do wonder, what if … lol

  5. I loved Bagpuss it really takes me back. I didn't even know that this existed. I am going to have to go. Fab article. I have really started going through the old classics like which i found at with my kids. My favorite being the magic faraway tree. Even the book covers have taken me back as they look so dated now. Thanks for the share.