Sunday, 6 May 2018

May and glorious sunshine for a change from the rain : )

Amazing how wonderful you feel when after deluges of rain we finally have bright blue skies and the fauna is bursting with colour.
Trees and road side shrubs are burgeoning with leaf and blossom as well my back garden looking full of promise.
Mind you the tomatoes are abit slow so have given them some verbal encouragement, not that that always works with the grandchildren but maybe I will get more response from the plants!

It warms the soul to see all that expanse of blue above you and then to see how beautiful Mother Nature can be - frilly tulips - although spot the sneaky snail - pesky mite RIP

Thought you might like to see an alternative to Braille used in some of the adapted books I make.
Children with sight or cognative impairments in the special schools whose educational abilities are more seriously limited can sometimes learn to read MOON.
(Makaton is another probably better known alternative you may have heard of.)
MOON is a much simplified font that we print out onto Zychem paper, which is then fed through horizontally, what is basically a 'toaster' machine and that raises the surface of the font.
The font rises with the heat and the letters can then be felt with the fingers in the same manner that Braille is.
However MOON is a much simplified construct.
I had to make up a simply nursery rhyme 'book' last week and thought you might like to see it as an example of MOON in use.

 Not all the words are printed just titles so this child can say the words themselves with the teachers assistant.
But in keeping with the 'book' format the tactile item is alongside on the facing pages.
As in Hickory Dickory there is a small mouse for example and on/off sandpaper 'bricks' for Humpty's wall.
Further info about MOON in this link, scroll down a bit.

Took the dogs bed apart and before I could do much else Hilly had made herself comfy in the innards lol

Right must away and do some stitching outside beneath that  beautiful blue sky whilst its still here and listen to the birdsong.
You can never guarantee how long it the sun will stick around afterall!
Hope its warm and pleasantly wonderful wherever you are too : )

Oh and as an alternative to either hexagons or crazy patchwork nip across and take a look at this great idea!


  1. A great post....frilly tulips....not seen them, lovely the little mouse....dear Hilly, all snug....and you, positively giddy with the blue skies and sunshine. Make sure to come back and show us what you're sewing. Shirlee's quilt is absolutely beautiful!!

  2. I don't recall ever seeing a frilly tulip. So gorgeous!

  3. Wow - she really took those old hexagons to another level altogether! Isn't it lovely to have the sun? Life always looks better when it is shining, though your tulips would be beautiful whatever the weather.

  4. What a lovely post.... very interesting to learn about MOON. Sorry I haven't been to visit in a while.... moving house is a BIG undertaking and I am only just getting more time to catch up with all my blogging friends! Christine x

  5. No self-respecting cat could resist such a fluffy bed! Interesting to learn about MOON - something I've not heard of until now. I thought braille was the only option, so nice to know there's something else.