Thursday, 10 May 2018

Blue eggs!

I couldn't resist buying them, they were such a pretty shade of blue!
To be fair they tasted like any other egg but are much prettier : )

Just completed another book for work about a child's train journey, my own idea, for sighted children rather than visually impaired this time.

The book shows things seen from the carriage window and the window pages turn and enable the tactile character to be felt.

My granddaughters been creative too ----

The conversation went something like this -

Her Mum - Evie why on earth did you do that to your shoes?
Evie        - Because it makes them look pretty!
Her Mum - You do know your not supposed to draw on your shoes dont you?
Evie - Yes but I wanted to anyway.
Her Mum - Well that was naughty and there are consequences when your naughty aren't there?
You will use your birthday money to buy yourself a new pair of shoes and go to bed early tonight too for starters.
Tomorrow we will talk about this behaviour again.
Apparently Evie threw a tantrum and was not a happy lass LOL

To be fair, her Mum at about a year younger, scribbled on the back of our newly delivered air force blue leather suite chair - far less artistically - and it took me ages to remove most of it without her dad knowing it was there.
Brillo pads worked a treat but I did have to reposition the chair into a corner so he didn't find out that his precious suite was damaged by his precious daughter - until much, much later on : )


  1. That is so funny! When we were about 6 or 7 my brother and I drew full sized cricket wickets on a newly papered wall at home. My father went absolutely ballistic and we were sent to bed at 5pm every night for a week. Bear in mind that this was during the school holidays and the weather was glorious. All we could do was look out of the curtains and bemoan our lot.. however it has gone done as one of our family stories to be retold when we all reminisce. Don’t be too hard on her.

  2. Who could resist pretty blue eggs? Love your new book! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  3. so good to see you, and your are just sooo talented you create such wonderful things.
    Happy weekend hugs Kathy

  4. I used to have an araucana chicken, loved her blue can get teal and lilac as well! The book is wonderful, you're so clever and creative. I quite like g/daughter's shoes with their bit of artiness. Hope she'll be allowed to draw on the other one too, match them up?

  5. I have to buy blue eggs when I see them too. Evie is clearly going to be a creative soul!

  6. Blue eggs? Who knew! I'm sure those must be in great demand at Easter time. I am sorry to admit that I laughed when I read the saga of the shoes - the apple didn't fall far from the tree did it!! I really do think you should be approaching a publisher to see if they'd be interested in the books you create. Surely there must be a market for such things.

  7. Love the blue eggs. I liked her creative designs on her shoes.