Saturday, 2 April 2016

Quilty 365 Circles and some

This month I'm 365 Circling - under false pretences really.
I have been side tracked somewhat, although circling round
- there has been a theme of sorts.

 Some charity shop pre cuts, Insul R wadding and used some of stitched together selvedges as circles and sides : )
Just hand stitched as a quilting, nothing fancy.
As in, I don't an can't do fancy!

Here are the blocks  cut for March and April at least,
beneath the pin cushion and apple pins.

(Apples are roundish after all and so is the teacup)
However, the over all colour theme for those backs there, is cream thru brown/red, and I am wavering on that colour choice now.
It's too similar to my first batch and cover.
I'm into Spring colours now, feeling optimistic there might be more colour in the garden and blue skies above,
so may well use those block backs for another idea later.

I'm making fund raising things for a stall in a community orchard on May Day, Morris Dancing and good clean fun - probably with the great British rain no doubt too : )
A friend asked me to do a stall and it was such a lovely idea, I accepted, so panic making things and thankfully I still have a few of my trees to try and sell too.
They too are round - see where I'm going with this post cant you - cough..cough

The other pin cushions I've made are for it too, though not round!

I also made myself a shopping bag out of Scrapstore sample fabrics and some charity shop stripey cotton though not a circle on it at all.

I also found myself a new pencil caddy at a car boot for next to nothing that I couldn't resist.
It is missing its dark green lid by all accounts but the decoration is what caught my eye, 4 different Victorian pedlars.
It was a jam or conserve pot in its day and one of a series, according to Google.
It's not worth anything, but its charming and the glaze is fractured slightly which gives it that homely, vintage look.
And it's round!

Right, now to get sorting some really colourful fabrics to sue as backs and circles for April - I need some fabric with daffodils and narcissus on, bluebells and other spring flowers - dam it.
I may have to buy more fabric and here's me supposedly a queen of recycling.
Although I did pick up some flowery clothing and vintage pillow cases at sundays car boot, with circles in mind - so hopefully I will have more to share at Aprils end.
Happy Spring folks or for those entering Winter elsewhere, stay warm and well!

I'm linking up with Kathy at below, who inspired this year long journey

where you will find some other folks forays into circling and who knew there were so many options when you furtle 'around' joyfully : )


  1. I really like the addition of the circles to the first bag - they definitely add interest. The absolute best thing though is always seeing one of your wonderful trees!!

  2. Like your circle bags and your makes for the fair look lovely Lyn! Hope the weather is good for you and everything sells well! Christine x

  3. If you lived closer I could pop over with some flowery spring fabrics, admire that very nice re-purposed jam pot, and maybe help you with making more pincushions. You've been nicely busy, and quite productive in your furtling. I wish I was, I have much to do and no mojo:(

  4. Furtling around......never heard that expression before but I like it and may use it myself. Sounds like your creative life is on a roll...which is possibly more cylindrical than circular, but whatever gets us towards a finish is ok!

  5. circles yours are looking good though far too tricky foe me, loving your pin cushions and the tree is pretty spectacular. The pencil jar is a delight you certainly have had success in charity shops etc recently

  6. Das ist ja wieder mal sehr kreativ, die Selvages als Kreisapplikation zu verwenden. Und auch deine anderen Nähereien sind absolut sehenswert.
    LG este

  7. Very clever selvedge dots, I love those, and they sure dressed up your bag perfectly:)

  8. Fun to see the circles on the bag!

  9. Maybe you can count the circles on your bag towards the 365. If you are feeling like spring colours, go for it. It's easier to keep going if you're happy with what you are working on.

  10. It's fun to see how you've used circles everywhere!! Wonderful pincushions too!!

  11. I hope your stall goes well and it doesn't rain! You're building up a lovely collection of makes :)