Monday, 11 April 2016

Helen Howes at stichy club and stash busting - sort of -

I've been scrap busting, well trying.
This matches the various place mats and mug rugs I have made for myself, so it could make a good table centre.
IF I ever cleared the table to eat at that is!
Scrap busting is all fine and dandy but it doesn't help when you go to stitchy club and find 4 densely packed packets of mixed scrap cottons for sale at £2 each - and you cant resist buying them -
to add to your scrap stash lol
The A3 ish mat above is 'old' scrap stash pieces, all worked round a discarded New Hexagon hexi from last year.
I am determined to use up all the discards as well as the
successfully completed rosettes - in time!
I quite fancy making a selection of mis-matched colour specific blocks, in this skew whiff log-cabin-hexi layout and piecing them together
(quilt as you go ) to form a scrappy quilt.
I picked up some what appears to be Harris tweed fabric at the charity shop last week, unused, 2mts for £4.
( 2 different patterned pieces )
I already had the needlework panel, another bargain buy from that same charity shop last year ( either £1 or £1.50) and had been waiting to find suitable surround fabric for it, to make another cushion.
I cant decide whether to add some decoration in the edgings,
what do you think, does it need more or is the
lovely fine tapestry enough?
I  30 degree machine washed the fabric
( and the tapestry) to see if it would shrink.
It did slightly but not to its detriment and proved that it will
wash from time to time.
I machine stitched the tapestry in place but have hand stitched
simply over any machine stitching on the right side.

We had an interesting talk at stitchy club on Saturday by Helen Howes, who is not only talented in many crafts but also humorous,
always a real bonus for a speaker!
Being the librarian I don't get as much opportunity now to take photos but I adored beyond words this dress she had made for her daughter with scrap fabrics she had rescued from bins at the back of Regent Street in London, way back when!
Can you imagine how fun a tabard-y top would be for an aged biddy too!! Love that idea lol
The 1960s relived maybe?

Helen is a former kite maker and now successful quilter known especially perhaps for her trees, indeed her talk was 'Seeing the Forest in the Trees' and it was really enjoyable.

AND most of her samples came out of this remarkable old BOAC suitcase!
Which was heavier empty than any baggage allowance today!

My elderly neighbours like owls, well who doesn't!
However standing in my kitchen this week I got the distinct notion I was being watched with their latest garden buy .....

: )



  1. I do think you were being watched.....grin. Love all your work.

  2. That is a cool owl-but funny looking right at ya lol sounds like a really nice quilt meeting-I love your piece and think it is good as is or perhaps add a little embroidery in the borders. and I love that patchwork clothing-definately hippy days remembered lol

  3. Love your new placemat Lyn.... I think the scrappy log cabin hexagon block is great and I like the cushion just the way it is... the tapestry looks lovely. Glad you had a lovely time at the 'stitchy club'... it sounds fun! Have a great week! Christine x

  4. I like the crazy hexxie (but of course you know I would). The pillow looks great too - I wonder what it would look like if you were to 'whip' the running stitch around the image? Just to give the stitching a little more oomph?? Feel free to ignore that. Must say I would be rather disconcerted to see the owl peering at me too!

  5. Oh you have scrapitis too! I do exactly the same things you do. I cannot resist a scrap fabric bargain, I collect tapestries and wool fabric from thrift shops also. I have visions of making handbags, never thought of cushions. And that child's dress is to die for. I remember seeing a Pinterest picture of a dress made in the WW2 from scraps too. I think it's in the childhood museum in London somewhere. And yes those owls eyes do seem to follow you around the room.....

  6. like you I am scrap lover cant hve t many of them and liking what you are doing with them. Love the girls dress must check out the link to that. Tapestry looks good framed with the fabric, would never have thought of doing that an ideal cushion.Better a peeping owl than a peeping Tom

  7. An entire quilt made like the centerpiece would be fabulous! I am always amazed that you find such wonderful fabrics and books at charity shops, I don't know why but the thrift stores where I live don't carry much in the way of fabric or yarn or really anything good. Unless I buy a garment and take it apart. Sometimes I'll hit the jackpot at an estate sale which usually takes place when people are elderly and move on or pass away. But that's few and far between. I wish it were different. Like I've said, I was born on the wrong continent. xo

  8. Your stitchy club sounds great - I love Helen Howes. You are good at digging through the charity shops: that tweed is amazing. Personally I like the piece as it is, with the lovely tapestry balanced by the plain fabric; it's a great combination and an original way of framing it.