Monday, 25 April 2016

Tulip bobby dazzlers and some knitting

I planted some tulips last October time in the hope they would survive the winter rain storms, only to find the winter was relatively good but the early new year was a wash out. I had little hope that the many bulbs would be amphibious!
But so far, most seem to be blooming or growing successfully and yet to open.

 There's something dragon like about these orange and green ones!

... and magnolia like white ones!

I bought these frilly pansies the other day to put in pots too, I hadn't seen the frilly varieties before and their petal edges are ruffled beautifully!

I'm still making things for the orchard May Day stall ..
This beret style free form hat. Free form in that I had no pattern, just grabbed some yarns that looked like they might go together, different thicknesses and opted for knitting needles that looked about right.
It works as a pull on nicely but looks much better set beret like, skew whiff.

and I made a Head Hugger, which is modelled here on one of two new heads I got from our Scrapstore!
This wooden one is remarkably heavy but formed beautifully.

I also got a taller, long necked black plastic formed head and a wooden articulated hand on a plinth too - perfect for showing off the fingerless gloves I make.
I sat and made a cushion cover yesterday, using fabric offcuts from my favourite charity shop - more wool tweed but in strips this time. Again I 40 degree washed the tweed fabrics in the machine to pre shrink them but that didn't alter them at all!
 The leaves are cut from an orange felted up jumper, an upholstery sample and finally a patchwork cotton fabric, then machine stitched to jiggery to be sure they don't fall off in the Autumn : )
Of course I have no idea how much to charge for it now but if it doesn't sell it looks quite good on my sofa anyway!

This is my Kefir fermenting away, providing me with pro biotic nourishment - thank you for the advice Mary Anne ! And it doesn't even need to be in the fridge to do its thing : )

I forgot to show you this ace cat/dog cave, made by one of our stitchy club members and shown in our members makes display,
 a month or so back.
It was wet felted on a circular resist shape, then when finally, firmly felted, on both its sides, it would have been cut open and the resist removed.
Then you hand manipulate and further felt the sides bit by bit to achieve this delightful self supporting cave shape.
A lot of work but very rewarding when the result looks this good!
The same technique would have been used to make the slippers too, using a foot like shape for the resist.


  1. If we still had a cat I'd be definitely tempted to make one of those caves. Pretty flowers - lovely hats - and I like the pillow (although I don't want to even THINK about fall for a very long time). Won't mention that the four-letter-word white stuff was falling from the sky once more today.

  2. Hallöchen,

    dies sind wunderschöne Blumen, und deine Handarbeiten gefallen mir auch sehr, die Mütze, bei diesem Wetter momentan, sehr gut zu gebrauchen

    liebe Grüße Marika

  3. Hello Lyn! Looks like you have some lovely splashes of colour in your garden.... our Spring flowers are all over here. Love the woolly hats and your cushion cover is great.... I hope they all sell well for you! Have a good week! Christine x

  4. what crinkly tulips you have must look out for those next autumn, mine are just plain but come back year after year, planted n clumps of 3 some clumps have now multiplied to 8, they seem to do better than the daffodils need to big those out as so few flowered the last 2 years. Knitting looks good, old joints will not allow to knit anymore and loving the charity fabric that has turned into a lovely cushion very creative

  5. Lovely tulips - I haven't seen white ones like yours before but I'll be trying to track some down now: they are so delicate! You are going great guns with stuff for your stall. The tweedy cushion is my favourite of this batch. And did you say the head came from a scrap store?!!!

  6. Lovely post-the flowers are just beautiful and love what you have been making-I felted down tons of reclaimed wool over the last few years-now you have me motivated to get that out and make something-I love pillows too-enjoy your week Kathy

  7. What gorgeous flowers. You must have an extra green thumb!

  8. Dragon tulips - Oh my goodness they really do look like that, LOL. The ruffled pansies are something really special. What a pretty garden you have!
    Beautiful work on your knitted berets and head hugger! The cushion cover is just gorgeous too!
    A cat cave... what will they think of next? I bet pets love this!