Sunday, 27 March 2016

Pin cushion makes

A couple more pin cushions, half inch hexis on the right.
I'm making some sale-ables for a May Day stall I've been asked to do, in an orchard - rather like that idea.

Oh and yes, I take it few of you sussed what I did wrong below
 but in case you didn't see it - like me, till too late!
I managed to spell Jill with the L's the wrong way round : (
I had cut out the letters and then made 2 sets of split pea, millet and sand paper versions before the penny dropped why the name didn't look quite right!
Am reassured one or two of you too missed it too lol

Hope your all having a lovely Easter, maybe with friends or family.
I envy you if you are, I miss having company at times like this must admit.
But a spare old biddy is not what's needed at most family events these days though at least I haven't had chocolate thrust upon me, which I would have all too gladly eaten and I'm already gaining weight like there's no tomorrow! lol
Funny how they get in touch when they need a child looking after, so they can go out of course.
Yes, apologies, am feeling a little resentful at being taken for granted lol

Still I've had the chance to do some family history today, though do wonder why I'm doing it, because neither of my kids are in the least bit interested in knowing about our heritage.
Mind you my son would be all on board if he thought there was an inheritance for him somewhere!

Okay off to make some pin cushions in tea cups now.
I nipped out to the car boot earlier on and picked up 4 odd cups which should do nicely enough.
Have fun folks - am waving from the newly 'sprung forward an hour' time zone \\\\ ////

: )


  1. Love your pincushions. You can see many beautiful pincushions on Bea's blog, the pincushion swap. You'll find link on my blog.

  2. Very pretty pincushions Lyn, they should do well at the May Day fair! I didn't notice your mistake either!! Hope you had a nice day pottering at home even if you didn't have company! Take care! Christine x

  3. I'm with you on the family history thing - my boys have zero interest in any of it. I do it for myself and harbor a small hope that they might be enlightened at some point...but won't cry in my soup if they don't. And don't blame you for feeling resentful - we do everything for them at the drop of a hat, but then they simply don't think about us unless they think they 'need' us for something. Funny how being busy a few times pulls them up short for awhile. Love the blue hexxies, btw.

  4. Your pincushions look fun to make. I understand the family thing its always been just the two of us-when I was working I worked loads of over time and we also had a home business breeding exotic birds so never could get away. we are both considered the "black sheep" of the family so we were uncomfortable attending family events-and they were a long drive away as well. on the holidays I go back to my childhood memories.
    I have seen so many children take advantage of their parents expecting them to do free baby sitting at a moments notice-I think that is so disrespectful.
    Have an awesome week ahead

  5. Lovely to have a May Day stall in the Orchard to make pretties for. Kids hey! who'd have 'em.....mine are the same, well daughter anyway. I get the 'you forgot the kid's birthday (no I didn't, just sent the $$ to the wrong paypal address) but then no 'thankyou' or any recognition when I get it right. No wonder we get cranky! Looking forward to seeing your cushions in cups. Hugs

  6. Old biddies are obligatory at our family gatherings! But I come from a long line of them. A May Day stall in an orchard sounds idyllic - and your pincushions are lovely: just the right sort of thing to encourage an impulse purchase.