Saturday, 5 March 2016

I fancied doing some different circles - and then picked up a pkt of 3.5" cut squares of cotton fabric at the charity shop, for 50p - I couldn't not buy them at that price.

So sat and stitched them into 4's, practising getting the points to match up, thinking the fabric was all but free so no loss if I screwed it all up.
Practise makes perfect and all that.
Well, no one was more surprised when my points did match up with the exception of two that I unpicked and did right!
Inspired by my success lol
I then stitched them together thinking I could make a shopping bag/tote with them.
Then I thought, the 4 square blocks, well they could be blocks for more circles!
And since I have a great many selvedges stitched together - one thing led to another -

So, thus far! A bit in your face for a shopping bag right lol
but even so, it qualifies for my 365 Circles : )

Someone on the Facebook Splendid Sampler group page asked if that ruched effect technique that I had used  for a circle,
might work in a heart shape.
Well I didn't know if it would, so tried it and although I don't much care for a heart done this way,
having not paid much attention to the hearts shape,
it does indeed work!

Now, am going to trial a ruched square and hexi and .... well it could give rise to small geometrical shape ruched something or other!
Perhaps the next 'IT' thing for the whoever, with everything!

I watch all the rumpus going on over here about the forth coming UK referendum on whether we remain in the EU or leave it.
Then I see all the theatricals going on in the US around Trump and Clinton and wonder what on earth is happening to humanity.
Such starvation, poverty and devastation in half the world, phenomenal mass exoduses, racial and cultural hatred rising now
in all corners of our world.
I find it worrying frankly.
However, over here some folks call a 'trump'
a fart ............
somehow, that kind of puts things into perspective for me !


  1. fabulous circles...great use of the selvedges and love the background. yes....politics these days is like a circus but looking back in history, there were worse situations. this too shall pass. i follow it all but stay completely detached emotionally.

  2. Selvage circles, that's a great idea. We all look at things happening with EU (we're outside, but have managed because of the oil until now), and the theater in the US. I think americans are more clever in the end. This is just a show.

  3. Wonderful idea for a new circle! I may have to include one of these this month in my assortment.
    I very much agree that the world is racing to the edge with such upheaval. I feel we spent too long with our heads in the sand expecting things to improve. Now the tipping point is here and people are angry. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop..

  4. I love your selvedge circles Lyn! They look prefect on top of the pieced squares! Hope you are enjoying the weekend! I try not to think too much about politics! Christine x

  5. would make a little lap blanket.

    Don't mention Trump. I cringe at the thought he might get elected.

  6. Score! Lucky you to find those practice squares. I love the treasures and the unexpected finds from charity shops. These days I would rather rummage than window shop in those soulless shrines to consumerism. Mind you still need to stock up on basics from department stores lol! Australia has had its fair share of silly politics and let's hope like a bad smell Trump fades away. And yes the world is screwed but somehow we haven't destroyed every corner yet. There is still some good, like us.:-)

  7. Hmmm. The ruckus here is all about marriage equality. Really! That is more important than homeless, starving people and refugees all over the world? Just goes to show that the vocal minority groups get things moving simply by being vocal. As you say, worrying.

  8. Is that your tiny slipper shod foot poking out there beneath your blankie and your ruched heart ? cute :) I like your 4 square circles.

  9. Trump is a fart with a capital 'F' (and a few others things I am too polite to say out loud). The man is an idiot - but smart like a fox and that's what terrifies. I think your shopping bag project looks great. If you must go shopping (which I hate) why not do it with a fun bag?