Friday, 11 March 2016

Bridlington in the sun and Andrew G Storrie at Brdlington Spa

I went to Bridlington today since there were delightful blue skies.
Its been warm, though you did need a coat but the mornings fog and mists had burned off nicely and left a wonderful Spring day to enjoy.
I drove across to see the sea really, but the tide was out so it was a good job there was a quilt show in a local hotel - what a coincidence lol  
All sales profits were in aid of 3 charities, so if that's not a fine excuse to buy fabric, I don't know what is!
So of course I bought fabric, magazine back copies, a 2nd hand book, and some home made scones - at the hotel where the quilt show was...
The Royal Bridlington Hotel is just out of sight but on the right of the picture below, so your across the road from the beach!
AND let me tell you they do workshops, retreats and have a long arm quilter should you require a quilt top quilting professionally.
AND they have one of the largest collections of extra wide backing fabrics at very reasonable prices and available online!

The quilts were for sale, hope they sell some since there were some delightful ones there. 
The one on the left below is in a raffle, one ticket for very £2 donation. So of course I bought 2 tickets, just in case...

The one on the left below is in another raffle and it was stunning,
so of course I bought 2 tickets ... and now will have my fingers crossed till they draw the winning ticket!
PL-ease let it be mine!

I liked the scrappy quilt below too,
the kind that I might just manage to make and it look reasonable!

I also knew that The Bridlington Sewing Centre was closing this weekend and had a sale on, almost everything was half price.
So I walked along the southern promenade, past the harbour
- told you the tide was out -
to get to the store to see if they might have had anything I 'needed' to buy.

I have known John who runs the store with his lovely lady wife for many years and wanted to wish them well in any case.
I felt obliged to buy some of the fabrics, I didn't want them to be stuck with stock come tomorrow evening you know?
cough ......
On the way back to my car I stopped in at Bridlington Spa Theatre and looked in at an art display they had there.
They have 2 blue plaques on the front of the Spa -

Most of it seemed to be amateur artists work but there was a featured artist who clearly has great skill and I fell for the top picture in this photo particularly.
It was such great fun!
I was very tempted to buy it ......... but self discipline kicked in!
Go figure lol

I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures so its a skew whiff
picture sorry!
The artist is Andrew G Storrie 
In fact he has the bike picture on that site - see what I mean?
Is that fun or what! Do look at his other pictures too please, they are beautifully painted and chummy on the bike features in many of them.


  1. Looks like you had a great day! I hope you win one of the raffle quilts!

  2. What fun - both the scenery and the quilts and the 'wheeeeeee' picture (calling it that because I can imagine that boy yelling 'wheeeeee' as he rode). I know - the brain addles....

  3. I've been to Bridlington when the tide was out! Sounds like you had a great day even without the sea though. Good luck in the raffles - I hope you get one of those lovely quilts.

  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous day out Lyn! Loved seeing all your photographs! Can't wait to see what you purchased! Nice artwork too! Enjoy the weekend! Christine x

  5. sounds like you had a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing these great photos.

  6. How far from your place to the beach? I wish I'd been there too, it's just the sort of day out I enjoy, with nothing in particular planned, but lots to see and do. Sorry you didn't give in to temptation and buy chummy's picture, it's delightful.

  7. Lovely excursion you had yourself. Shame about your quilt shop closing. Hope you found something nice there.