Sunday, 4 December 2011

Scrapstore and what were they answer...

Okay having been inundated by the one reader ( thanks Peggy lol )  wanting to know what the nobbly little 'brains' are.....
...........these are nasturtion seeds that dropped to the garden floor when I hauled up the last of the rampant plants whilst clearing some raised beds.
Some I dried up indoors for next year and they are just shrivelled up as normal, like sultanas.
But these had been weathered outside and struck me as quite beautiful.
The centres have wafted away so you can squish most of them between your fingers, but they would stitch down I reckon and look different.
Not that exciting your right, but they also look interesting ( to me lol) just sat in a small dish... I know, Im sad..
Okay I have mentioned Scrapstore before so here are some pics to give you an idea.
I had a stall at a xmas craft fair there yesterday and there are some bits off other stalls here too.
So there you are, its in an old victorian school building and its always chilly in there, schooling in the days before the (inefficient here) radiators, must have been bloody cold!
We had stalls in the other half of the building, only about 15 stalls there but this is the first such event they have done, so a prover for spring and the next xmas fair.
I couldnt resist these made by one of the stores freelance artists. Made from pallet wood, time consuming he said and hard on the fingers to make.

I had made some owls for my stall..........and like the white ones so much I am making lots more to sell and for my own tree. 
I tried the scandinavian design in books of late, bottom right below, but dont find them as cute.
So thought I would incorporate some old lace and net edgings on the eyes and wings and use a more rounded shape.
Snowy owls seem more christmassy anyway lol.
Oh and since arctic reindeer are not just brown, I made afew grey and light brown Rudolfs lol
The antlers are the seams from a jumble sale leather gored skirt. Cutting the antlers out around the seams gave them strength and they stay upright, fancy that!
Another scrapstore volunteer paints and her women paintings were bright and vibrant. Must find out her name next visit, sorry!!

And this one below has trapped patches of fabrics laid on the dresses and is heavily decorated with cerne relief 'lead' which gives it a textured and tactile quality to it too.


  1. i knew those seeds looked familiar but couldn't remember. haven't planted nasturtiums in years. and i just love those owls.

  2. dad pickles the seeds and they taste like capers.

  3. Deanna Ive never seen nasturtion seeds go that way outdoors before, not that I can ever remember anyway lol
    And Jean pickled nasturtion seeds! May have to try that next year..remind me will you?!



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