Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Gosh Ive been busy and lucky!

My dear friend from Australia Mary was over and managed to stay with me, for respite (and vodka lol) twice, slotting trips to east yorkshire in between visits with family here and there.
It was good to catch up, next time she's over is for my daughters wedding next August.
This time I avoided drinking too much or poisoning us with food ....

I have done a few fairs so am feeling weary now, silly really because they were hardly exhausting events and I had everything made ahead of time.
But Im run down I think, with the nasal polyps ( theyve now decided thats what Ive had/got, in my ears, sinuses and on my chin?! bloody Drs!) ...
and a chest infection that is clinging onto me and wont leave.
There are alot saying that they cant rid themselves of the chest infections, so guess they have been nasty strains of lurgies this year.

But now I also seem to have pains in my back lung and central chest, so Im taking bets that its the weight of my blummin breasts, rather than pleuracy or angina! lol
If you dont hear from me again, I may have been wrong ...........

So Ive been lucky having Mary stay twice, but also lucky having entered giveaways!
All be it Im ashamed to have won more than one............

I entered on the spur of the moment and now wonder why I hadnt bought lots of lottery tickets too!
 I follow Riel Nielson's fabulous blog The Q and U of Quilting, its she who makes the most wonderful quilts and hangings, some using only selvedges! What most of us wlojuld throw aside no doubt.

I just love her  unravelling 'selvage mummy' best of all!
Havent we all felt like that from time to time?!
But her 'mutant I Spy' and hexi I spy are also great fun and stunning to look at. Do go see them  at..

But Riel also recently had her first book published and I have won a signed copy!
Which is doubly great because Id already mentioned it to friends over here in Uk, so hope they will be inclined to go buy it themselves once they see it for real! 

Now not only is that on its way for my Christmas stocking, which I have to tell you these past years is never usually filled with anything much at all.... guess you get to an age ( if your lucky!) and age related invisibility sets in lolol -Good job I get pleasure out of giving to others!

Not having been able to go to  the Harrogate show this last month, I asked my pal Jean ( jeansmuse.blogspot.com ) if she could get me one particular daisy4you book and one specific magazine.
I got the new fabby book, more of that later.....but there was not a single copy of the Quilting Arts Christmas Gifts magazine, to be seen she told me.
Art Van Go no longer sell it because US to UK postage, is too pricey to make it worthwhile for us crafters, buying it ad hoc, theyd said. They would have to pass on the full postage costs with no subsidisation in that cost. Now how sad is that.
So I figured Id have to wait till next year in the hope theyd bring it out as an emag over time.

But again, on that same whim, I'd entered the Giveaway on Susans blog, another creatively stimulating blog I follow,
and it could be said that I was gobsmacked to know Id been lucky there too.
Now being not too quick witted and not feeling too well, I should have said.......no give someone else a chance please. But the brain was not working as normal. 

I mean whats the chance of that!  Two wins and me under the
weather anyway!
I did go buy a lottery ticket next and no it didnt win..............so much for everything happens in threes thought I.....

But, then................ and here I am ashamed to admit it.............a third email arrived later, for another blog giveaway.............
another fabulously interesting and informative blog I follow
and I have since received a smashing little Tilda Book with yummy, yummy wee folks and long legged ladies within !

Thats when my common sense kicked in at last and I read it thoroughly ( naturally) but carefully through, and then took it and donated it to our December Embroidery Groups meeting raffle along with another item I was taking anyway. Some how it seemed only right that I pass at least one of the goodies on.

The book was the pride of place in the raffle and there were 3 ladies vying to be the first to pick it out! it was the very first selected prize so Lesley a double thank you!

Now as pay back I too will be having a giveaway so keep your eyes open. Yes it will have some transfoil if the winner wants it, but other bits and bobs too, which will be of use Im sure. Eco dyed fabrics for one. I will be gathering a bundle together shortly....I have quite alot!!

And it will be just for the fun of it, not for a specific number of page views or to gain followers, simply as a pay it forward to someone, so they too get a goodie package. Though it will arrive probably in the New Year now, so it doesnt go astray in the Christmas post.

I hope to post the Giveaway next week though and most likley will draw it, on or about the 1st of January.
 I have pictures from the embroidery meet talk but Im sitting here frozen and my back/chest is killing me, so best take some pain relief
and get warm and horizontal in bed. Only weds and thursday to work then friday off again thank goodness.
And Ive booked to take 3 yr old grandson to see his first father christmas on friday.
This could be interesting. They are trained in escape and avoidance tactics surely, for dealing with the more contrary kids...right?
Next post I will show you what felty bits we saw at the club meet, tell you about the fab book I bought via Jean and the otnher on e she gvifted me since she already had it!
And then show you the old dressing up costumes I picked up at Sc rapstore for our Topic boxes.
Oh yes, and did I mention just how Very successful the home made sloe and blackberry gin and vodka is? lol

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  1. luck seems to be with you in the giveaways. i went through a period like that a few months back and also bought a lottery ticket. hope you get to feeling better soon. and there is a giveaway over at my place if you'd care to join in. would love to have you. the drawing is on saturday.