Sunday, 4 December 2011

Almost forgot the fab lampshades!

These were also on display at the Scrapstore craft fair. I meant to post these with the previous post but my brain gave out on me..

You gotta love these even if you never do use them as lampshades!!
(remember those awful 50s bras? pin points at east and west!)
AND many of us do have one breast bigger than the other lol

These are the work of Liz Dorton who also makes simply amazing puppets, see her website for examples, such fun!
Now this is the website Liz gave me but I cant get it to work, very odd. Maybe you will get more success...but if not, see the next link and scroll to the photos at bottom of the page and see the kind of puppets Liz makes.

These above though interested me, not least because, she too uses lampshade 'skeletons'.
I use them for my wall hung fabric trees and here they are used in their skeleton glory with 'skin'....very clever of her and such a nice lady.

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  1. Wow, those are fabulous! Now where do I see your wall hung fabric trees? They sound very interesting...