Sunday, 18 December 2011

Only a week to go....and knitting for preterm and 'fish and chip babies'

Christmas creeps up on you doesnt it. You start early enough, you think ~ but then its a week to go already and not half of what you intended is done!
Maybe though thats just me and thank goodness I dont have to plan a big sit down meal for lots of family...just a smorgasbord like brunch and a buffet.
 I have so little to do youd think Id be on top of it....but er no...
(I've got lots of liquer-ed gin and vodka to drink though..sloe and blackberry remember lol)

I have written and posted off all but one xmas card...must make up this last one today though.
I have all but packed gifts but still have one to post.
Bad news  that, since it may not get there in time now....and all my own fault.
Its a huge spool of aran wool Im sending to an ex work colleague who is in a secure health unit after much illness. I havent used it and shes allowed to knit as therapy, so I know she can make use of it...........but what a perishing unwealdy thing to wrap up!
Its taken a week and almost 2 rolls of grey 'gaffa tape' lol she will be lucky if she gets it unwrapped by next year!

My xmas tree snowy owls have been pinched by my 3 yr old grandson. He would count them at each visit and take them in and out of the 'for sale' bag, then on and off the tree, then finally today, after staying overnight and sleeping with them....too funny that .....his mum came for him and he began taking them off the tree and stuffing them in his bag.
'jack's owls mummy' says he lolol
So I gifted them to him for his tree at home and will now and sit and make afew more to replace those lol
I may as well make up to 20, so we can get further with his
counting, theyve worked a treat for that!
its a compliment really isnt it, his taking them, not a sign he's going to be a thief right????? lol

At last club meet we were asked to knit small jumpers for what they called 'fish and chip' babies in Ethiopia.
So called because the medical teams who go out to remote villages to help mums....have only old newsprint to wrap the newborns in, before handing them to their mums, who then might have to trudge to who knows where ever they live .

Please nip over and look at Kates blog who is a midwife working with maternity worldwide over in Ethiopia. It makes hard reading yes, but your heart goes out to these women, about 7 out of 10 of whom, do not survive childbirth.
I have nothing but respect for folk like Kate.....just a pity Im now too old to be of any use as a volunteer in a third world environ. All I can do is pledge a little cash and knit a bit, and maybe spread the word too.

 - and in case any of you might like to use the pattern to help them out here it is.
maybe contact kate though for a secure postal address?

Knitting pattern for the fish and chip babies

Please use 100grm ball double knit. You could possibly get 2 tops from 1 ball.

Use only double knitting wool.  No baby pastel colours as they may never be washed

Bright and mixed colours or stripes are best.

 This pattern knitted all in one piece.

 Size 7 (4.5mm) needles (loose knitters)

Size 6 (5mm) needles (tight knitters)

Cast on 44 stitches

Work 18 rows K2 p2 rib

Work 30 rows stocking stitch (K1 row P1 row)

Cast on 12 stitches at start of next 2 rows

K2 P2 rib for 22 rows

Next Row: Rib 21 stitches, cast off 26t stitches rib to end

Next row: rib 21 stitches, cast on 26 stitches, rib to end

Rib 22 rows

Cast off 12 stitches at beginning of next 2 rows

Work 30 rows stocking stitch

Work 18 rows K2 P2 rib

Cast off. Fold in half and stitch up sides ands under arms.

Theres no pic with it, but it is straight forward with a ribbed shoulder area.

Below is one I've started, in probably not dark enough colours and the sleeves do seem short, but this is the pattern they have sent round so it must be right!
 Now I also read about the most beautiful little preterm 'pods' needed in an Australian hospital too...
so please shoot over to Kaite's ( smashing blog ) and read her lovely post and see the priceless little wrap 'pods' as she calls them, for wrapping 'sleeping' preterm babies in.
Id never heard of these being asked for before, but what a thoughtful gift to pass onto a grieving parent, a little knitted hug for their dearest.
Kaite has devised the pattern herself and its the most delightful snuggle wrap for a 'little angel', as she calls them. Do take a look.
Kaite does warn you the post may be upsetting  for some, but photos show only a tiny doll wrapped, fear not.

 And since I know how blessed I am with my own two children and one's the boy getting into the swing of throwing fake snow about, at a local Christmas Wonderland I took him to.
Would he hell as like sit on Santas lap though.....
But I dont blame him, I wouldnt have done either.........his nose was quite dark blue and it wasnt from the cold!
(And trust me, in former years, Ive sat on a variety of laps worldwide ... so have worked out which are worthy...)
This boy is proving to be very astute already lol

and these below were his interpretation of ducks........he got fed up making faces with the felt pieces, saw a duck 'shape', then went off on a tangent making ducks................but interestingly he placed eyes and wings on both sides of the ducks before he lay them down.
So he was playing with a 2D activity but obviously viewing them as 3D I found that fascinating and proof of his sharp perception for his age....naturally!

The hair shapes were water he told me, so just after this piccy, I went and cut several wavy strips of blue felt and more yellow duck shapes for him.  He sat for ages engrossed in finding matching bits for eyes and wings lol
These 'duck' shapes above I assume are bits of hair to sit above the ears, Friar Tuck style, either side of where the comb-over would be lol oh for that naive eye in which to look at things.
 Ducks they are, of course they are!


  1. so sweet is your grandson and i just love the owl story. enjoy.

  2. thanks for the heads-up about my Littlest Angel pods, i think they might be another universal need as most hospitals would not have anything small enough to wrap these littlies in when handing them over to the grieving parents, and it usually happens without much warning.
    Your fishandchip baby jumper looks lovely, that's a beautiful varied colour yarn, is it sock wool?
    Your gr'son is a cheeky one, a very happy fellow.

  3. it's a sensible child who fears a retail 'father christmas'! good for him! wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas!

  4. and I hope you have caught up with your Christmas stuff too....

  5. Lyn, I liked reading this, I can envision that visit to Santa! A darling little boy, that one is. And just how many laps have you sat on? Just kidding. The part about Kaite's projects struck my heart. One of my babes was born sleeping, sleeping sounds less harsh than dead or stillborn. I will visit the link. The sweater is going to be wonderful. All-heart is what comes to mind about you, Lyn. Happy Holidays. xo