Tuesday, 3 August 2010

More pins

Currently off work a couple of days, recovering from some bug or other, had laryngitus, followed by high temps and much sneezing, felt dire and now feel shattered .
Voice returning now, but lost most of weekend and even missed my grandsons 2nd bday bar-b-que.........
However, found these and hadnt pictured them so here they are. Have used upholstery fabrics for four of them and am pleased with the three, which look lush, not sure about the top left flowers brown and white though, may take them apart yet.
The other four are more my usual interpretations.


  1. I love them all, especially the brown and white one. I love making flowers. Yours are so original! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved the GYBP too! Its always nice to meet kindred spirits!

  2. Very nice flowers...THINKING SPRING!!!