Tuesday, 24 August 2010


This was a calming trip to the coast last sunday, and this is how beaches should be!
Well it should have been a trip to a carboot out that way .. but when we got there .... we realised I'd done this before, and gone on sunday when infact it was on a tuesday or thursday...........spot the mistake lol

So any excuse to beachcomb, we drove on a little and spent an hour or two on North Beach at Bridlington, arriving there about 9ish. It was blissfully warm, a light breeze and the dog walkers were out.

Naturally we came home with a carrier bag of bits, drfitwood, crabs shells, stones with holes in them.....because of course they are so magical!
The tide was out,which was really kind of it so we could walk that bit farther.
We have such lovely beaches up here in the North East
and  of course further up north there  are beaches to die for around Newcastle and above.

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