Tuesday, 24 August 2010

All tired out Grandson!

A trip to 'The Deep' and as soon as we got home, it was "Bob on" meaning put Bob the Builder dvd on and grandson jumped up on the chair............but by the time I'd turned round, this is how he was! Being two years old is very tiring!

We both were spellbound by these.
I once took my son and daughter to Denmark and one day on a  beach,
we saw zillions of them. Most about 4" to 10" across and everso many beached on the waters edge as the tide went out.
The sea was so full of them you couldnt easily walk through the water and we since I wasn't sure if they'd sting, we stayed out of the water!
What to do with a crochet doily?
Well, scrunch it up as a flower and put it on a headband.
Now need to find a girlie, girl to give it to!

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