Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Viking helmet

Now this pic isnt too clever I know, its pretty dark. But it does show the finished vegetable strainer Viking helmet finished at least, in profile.

The leatherette neck cape is simply paper clipped into position, again, using the holes in the strainer. So the paper clips go through the several thicknesses of foil and then through the strainers holes, fastening inside.
I did wrap selotape round the outside of the foil, again for strength and also glued fabric over the inside paper clip fastenings.
Since this is for a special needs child, I need to err on the side of prying fingers and make sure he doesnt injure them!
The foam axe and sword were cheap enough to buy, but the  sword will easily snap half way along its length and has a short plastic tube central to it so I figured it needed reinforcement.
So I have used heavy duty, self adheisive silver paper ( wish I knew where I got it from!) and throroughly wrapped the swords blade round and round, in the hope that it gives it a week or two's longer life! 
I wrapped the handle too.
It gives an almost metal feel to it for a touch of realism, for a child with little sight.
The axe on the other hand I will leave as it is, it is altogether a more sturdy item and may last to be used again anyway.
I still havent taken a pic of the finished shield nor the blessed island model...please dont let alkl this anticipation get to you........lol go and have a gin!


  1. How clever. HE'll be so pleased and have hours of fun. The silver tape makes it so much more like a sword.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog-good suggestions.

  2. Looking forwards to seeing what you do!
    You have a wonderful eye for placing and colour :)

  3. Hi! You left a comment for me about the 15 minute challenge... I can't respond, please send me your email... ;-)