Monday, 26 July 2010

Bargain buys, jardinare painted and spooned flower update too ..

Not sure Im that happy with the change in background colour on the blog page, but cant seem to find the lighter, bubble pattern I had before now......bother! I should have leftw ell enough alone!

My grandson Jack has a silky label fetish, so I have made him some 12" squares of silky fabric, backed fleece with labels all round the edges. In the hope that he might prefer them to trailing his TWO cot blankets round the place with him for security lol
It would make life easier for his Mum Im sure, if she only had to monitor the one smaller blanket!
Cute eh?
So saturday I had the pleasure of Jack and on sunday I helped his dad and girlfriend Caz, do a car boot stall. Well I say 'helped', all I did was encourage them to get round to doing it at last, though I did go along with them. Mind you 3 folks sat on one stall wasnt necessary so obviously I went allecking round in search of Treasure!

Stumbled on these fabulously ( steam pressed in?) stretchy ladies tops for 50p each......well I just loved the colours and figure they HAVE to machine embellish surely!

and the 20p each little girls clothes were such lovely fabrics I couldnt resist them either.... I fancy nine patching them or maybe strip piecing the small pieces. The Per Una ladies skirt to left of centre should make fab flower pins and patchwork too, so not bad at a £1......shame it is too small for me!
The lacework will be dyed and at 10p each.........well why not indeed.
I also picked up 2 woolies, so hand washed/felted them when I got home and this is one of them on the line drying. The other is pale pink and out of camera shot. The fab wool blanket behind them my pal Jean, picked up for me at a charity shop. Thanks Jean!

To show how sad I am, I washed all the small clothes, and cut them up the same I now have an ironed larger fabric piece pile, a smaller ironed piece pile ( bodice bits etc) and a small stash of flowery, pretty buttons plus a bag full of cutaway seams, plackets etc lol
Waste not, want not, I say!

Infact the upper pin was made from the zip out of the Per Una skirt later sunday evening. And Jean? Recognise the lower pins fabric? Found sat late morning at scrapstore? lol My hunch worked out, and at its centre is some of the seam from one of the wee dresses.
They are laying on an old piece of wallpaper (thanks Jean), that I have glued pink and white tissue paper on, for a later project to stitch into.

I have done some simple stitching on the spooned flower piece and added some tulle, afew beads and voile in. Not sure it needs much else, so will let it sit a while and see whether it strikes me as complete as it is....or not... but its not a UFO, okay?!

Oh and since the weather this weekend was so good, I painted my lovely old apsidistra (?) stand and also a pine table with a drawer in, that Id been meaning to DO sumthing with for ages. So they now go together really well.
I tried knocking back the previous paint on the stand, but someone had damaged the top inlay so much with scrubbing at it and the inset glazed tile was also very damaged. I'd found a fab paint, called 'Crochet' but its a strange shade of subtle green, so felt that would look just right.
I removed the small tile on the top and will keep my eyes peeled for an old single tile at car boots etc to set into it at some time.
its irrelevant in a way, since Ive stood a lamp on that section anyway!

Well Im off for my tea........Mary, another pal of mine, and I are on the Dukan (-ish) diet and are on the first day of the attack phase.
So Im off to see what protein I can find to eat, to stave off the fact that Id rather have a glass if red wine! Sheesh.....


  1. That spooned flower piece is going to be AWESOME once it's no longer a UFO :-D

  2. spooned flowers photo dosn't do it justice, its really delightful, it has layers of colour, might be a bit risky to heat gun it like you were thinking of.

  3. Thanks Cyndi and Jean. I'm not going to frame this, so it will go in a workbook as a sample piece. I have heat gunned it back abit and it hasnt killed it lol must take a piccy of it though. I will I promise!



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