Monday, 12 July 2010

Car Boot Treasure and Embellished fabric

Went to car boot for a wander last sunday morning and the wind was a joy, although it was whipping up a dust storm all around. Least if you wear glasses you have some protection!
I saw this forlorn plant stand and fell for it, (£5)though someone must have tried to sand it back in places and then given up I imagine. I love that the tile is cracked with wear and age, then noticed that there is a smaller dark green glazed tile fitted centrally on the top too. Someone has tried to glass paper the paint over the tile, off, so the edge of that smaller tile is scratched abit. But it seems as if the top has an inlaid patterning around the tile, so it may be worth stripping it all back to see what woods are under there. It might be too easy to simply paint it again and it is a medium oak, without varnish underneath, so maybe worth faffing with abit.

It was oober hot sunday, so I bathed the dogs, which resulted in me being as wet as them as usual. So we three had to sit out back for an hour to dry off thoroughly, me with a book (Peter Robinson, whose Detective protagonist is a Yorkshire bloke working  in and around Yorkshire), little Max chasing flies back and forth, which is his self exercising routine and Rocky, totally you can see!

Now this morning, Monday, I am in creative mode whilst the guys finish laying the laminate downstairs. Its overcast and damp so much cooler thankfully today. The dogs started off the morning upstairs in my bedroom, whilst the front door was open for the workmen.........and despite both dogs having been out earlier.......they both pooed on the bloody floor!
I was in the workroom next door, embellishing away (results below) so didnt hear them tell me they wanted to go out.... but the whiff travelled through the door!
So clean up that, air spray, phew........that's better!
Completed my embellishing, took the dogs downstairs for a while and one of the cats must have snook up into my bedroom...... so here am I sat reading emails and I hear scrat, scrat.  Then a strong smell, AGAIN! Fergus cat had pooed in a box of fabrics, tucked away under my bed!
The animals dont like workmen in the house any more and are making it very plain lol
By good luck the box he'd chosen to use had all voiles and the like in seperate plastic bags, so I was able to remove said bags and debris! and the fabrics are pristine ........... sooo lucky. And I now know where the voiles are! Bonus!
So clean it up, more air spray..............cup of tea..and here I am back to business lol
So below, space dyed fabrics I made a week or two back, being used!
Now I've had a rest, but got the embellishing bug, so am off back to smash some more fabric to death, but this time some of the brighter fabrics I dyed.
Then if my Creative Gene holds out, I want to start layering and stitching my Flower spooned pieces. Wow, what I could with myself if I were to retire now! ( 4 day week starts in Septemeber though and that's a 3 day weekend of course - waheyy)


  1. I'm on the lookout for plant and wash stands like that (at the right price, of course) Seems our beds are taller now with new, fancy mattresses and all... these stands work better.

  2. Hadnt considered that, but yes your right. I have my own wrought iron one on the highest base setting, so I can stash, stash, beneath it!
    Im using this stand for a light to sit on, rather than have a standard lamp of sorts.



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