Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Snow Dyeing but dubious results!

We had snow, so I thought Id use up my very old fabric dyes to see if what snow dyeing was all about... but mine are not like the stunning ones Id stumbled online in others blogs!
I can tell you that very old marbling paint does not a thing to snow covered fabric ... but it does however, totally clart the patio when youve upended the container at the end of afew
Now, the diluted sparkly gold fabric paint........Tulip I think it was, left a cream glistening hue on a piece of cotton sheeting but it hasnt photographed at all well, so isnt here!
The dragon fly like blueish splodge was diluted Deka silk paints that must be 20 years old and I daftly folded the cotton, didnt scrunch it up, and only this creased area seems to have taken.
Its abit other wordly! It reminds me of the film with Kevin Costner, where his wife dies and she loved dragon flies? It may even have been called Dragon Fly..........will have think what to do with that one......its still speaking to me!
All be they not the stunning space dyed effects that others have achieved, I liked the white velvet pieces, the red one and the one below it, shades of pink and blue then the blue/green one, which I have added some splodgy bits on to with bubble wrap, at the bottom.
The top right piece is a bamboo cotton duster which I bought a pack of, for not alot, somewhere.....and if I could remember where, Id go get some NOT dust with!
They are beautifully soft, maybe 18" square and great to stitch on!
I simply laid several of them flat, on top of the blue/green bottom one to soak up both water and fabric paint. As they soaked up the colour, each sheet of bamboo cloth, had a slightly different paint uptake, and will make a good base to further play with.
So now I can start to look for new fabric dyes, since all I have left are several bottles of Tulip that at 50p each in a sale I couldnt not buy.... and some dimensional tubs I bought off Ebay..........
Ink blots! Thats what the dragon fly looks like doesn it lol would be interesting to know what others see in it too!


  1. your email is bouncing back.....Try opening a yahoo email and see if that works.. I did reply to you but it just keeps coing back to me, that is why re the groups!! Joan ~ Calana Crafts

  2. Thanks Joan, will check but other groups okay so seems odd but I frequently manage to do things wrong. Hope you are well and not stranded in snow!



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