Sunday, 14 February 2010

No pics today, am sat at home freezing to death, sat in my bedroom, the ground floor of my 1903 terraced house, is virtually gutted through again by builders repairing the shoddy and negligent work that was done after I wasnt flooded in 2007.
After 2 years of nagging the Insurers handling agents to check work that was done. they have had to admit their was crap workmanmship and negligence AND I have finally got someone on side who has complained to the Head Honchos of the Insurance company and they are investigating the work undertaken. I always said I hadnt actually reported a flood. I simply informed my Insurance Company that water had entered the patio area and I wanted them to log the call lest in years to come anything could be backtracked to a cover my back you know?
But the Handling Agents went gung ho and gutted my home telling me I had no alternative but to comply.
And now they have doubled and doubled my annual insurance premiums to £1250 a year.yup thats right, £1250. And I wasnt flooded!!!

So Im in a hotel for 5 weeks this time, when last time I was 10 months squeezed upstairs and at least 4 of those months I had no workmen in the house at all!
BUT, I have no wish to be in a hotel, my daily life has been upskettled yet again and having spent years travelling worldwide, staying in hotels, its not exactly a joyful place for me to be these days. Though it is warmer than camping in my bedroom it hasto be said.

Its too chilly to sit and chat for long, so this is me signing out, whilst I still have the use of my fingers!

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  1. Hi Lyn. What b*gg**s they are, I hope that the bill will be reduced when the work has been completed, right this time. I have added you as a link in my blog, hope thats ok x



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