Saturday, 20 February 2010

Challenge 2010 with Shelagh Folgate

Okay so you must look at Shelaghs Folgates blog, theres so much to see on there and she strikes me as avery nice and hugely talented lady.
And no, shes not paid to me say that!
The piece to the left here is Challange 2010, well, my version so far anyway, because everyone taking part has selected different colours and a different basic design, whilst following the same directional instructions.
Simpler than it sounds trust me lol
I now await the chance to attack this with granite stitch for my next stage, but since Im holed up in a hotel, I have limited opportunity at the moment.
Though I may just take the machine here and now back there with me since Im going to fall behind and besiudes Im frustrated not being able to get stuck in with it!
Some time ago I bought a cd off Ebay with photos of the london cemetary, whose name now escapes me..........H.............. give me a minute, the cold is getting to me, sat here in a freezing house with no water to flush then loo ( and yes I need a pee.....) or to make a cupper with. HIGHGATE!!!
( I get there in the end.......................)
Well Ive been thinking about doing a small patchwork hanging about WW1 and my Grandad, who survived it thankfully but is now long gone of course. He enlisted though only 14 yrs old, and was in Germany by the time they realised his true age so he spent his war far from the front, looking after the horses.
Anyway, not having Photoshop ( yet....) I used the free software Picassa and played with some pics, which I will print onto fabric and incorporate into the patchwork.
I aim to use crazy patchwork as symbolism and comment on the whole crazy events of that war........though any war is crazy isnt it really. But that loss of youth and life at that time, seems to me the most pathetic and wasteful of all somehow.
And here we are all these years later, still losing young lives, and older too of course, and ot seems we have learnt so little of the value of a life.
And heres me who was Aircrew in the RAF during the 1970s, but since being a mother I suppose things fall into perspective for us dont you think..........and yes as we age too.
Okay am getting maudlin, so will shift my frozen limbs and go to the hotel to warm up and ready myself for a visit to friends this evening........ Its my mates 50th bday and his partners arranged a 'surprise' party for him, which he must surely know all about by now lol but he will have tried his best to avoid letting on he knows am sure!

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  1. Cor thanks Lyn for the promo. My sister is buried in Highgate cemetary in a mass grave. The pictures have such resonance and what a good job you did in Picassa. Sometimes photoshop overdoes it. Hot / cold your body must wonder what is happening, hope the work is coming along well x



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