Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Vixen and dog fox are well fed again tonight

Though this is a naff photo, I like this tree the way it has turned out. The fabric was a crinkled and industrially creased ladies top and theres a smidgen of crochet flower at the bottom......mitt cat too. Must make afew cats awake and scratching at the trunks come to think of it.
I today took loads of food out into the school field to feed the vixen and dog fox that live out back there.
They were out at midday before Xmas, so obv hungry and I realised she had lost the lower portion of one of her front legs and whilst she could take flight well enough, she now uses the stump to walk on poor lass. Since foxes pounce on prey it must affect her food kills of fresh meat I thought, so the rescue bit kicked in and Ive become obsessed with leaving them food to get through the cold snap. lol
So Ive been butcher shopping for them. Theyve had cow lungs, liver, kidneys, steak pies, cooked chickens, eggs, apples, today was more steak pies and sausage rolls and tomorrow will be chicken legs and thighs and some eggs. Vixen was out at 1010am yesterday bless her, despite the school being open again, so sure sign shes still hungry.
Foxes mating time is late autumn so she may well already be pregnant
so in need of good food!
Is it too late for Folic Acid do you think ..?
Okay a brief entry..............more later...

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