Friday, 22 January 2016

365 Circles, Glorious Hexagons and Psychiatry ......

You know, you blink and its the 21st January already -
Stephen Hawkins must have an explanation as to why time seems to have speeded up, don't you think?
On the other hand I'm down to only 3 weeks till half term and a week off!



My 'Glorious Hexagons' are coming on, its supposed to be one a week but most in the Fb group are charging ahead and making them ahead of schedule.
Being an enlarged version of Katjas 'New Hexagons' (enlarged to 133%) they are so much easier to work on and with.
Though the real bonus is that your only making one of each hexi pattern and not 6 at a time like we did for the rosettes!
So if its a fiddly pieced block, when you've done one - you can move on!

My 64 blocks for the 365 Circles are still unstitched together, but I may start that tomorrow, maybe lol
It's the squaring up the blocks that's putting me off, I know I need to do it so why not just get on with it?
I don't know - and yet, I am itching to start making more circle blocks, so I have no excuse for prevaricating.
( don't you just love that word - prevaricating -)

I wonder if any of you are doing the Splendid Sampler BOM which starts in February and have seen any of the posts on the Facebook group that the (already)5000 or so members have been posting?

Last years New Hexagon group had a similar number of members and it was a caring, sharing, kindly bunch of people, full of encouragement and advice, support and confidence building.
It became a real community group despite us all living far afield across the world.
It was a classless group somehow.
Mind you there were a couple of members who clearly had joined to sell their own products too.

Maybe its just me, but it seems as if this BOM has attracted a different member group somehow.
There have been hundreds of photos of members homes for some reason and I don't recall seeing a single one in the group I was in last year.
Latterly some members have sjust ent in pictures of their local environment instead and they were much nicer to see.
In those pictures there was no (subliminal) suggestion of the expense and grandeur of their private homes, instead there was a pride in their community?
It was more a case of this is lovely Lincolnshire/Montanna or wherever and less of the 'Look how well off I am then folks' lol
Now, many members obviously have wonderful homes and good luck to them and the average seemed to be large, larger, huge or enormous!

One comment that struck me as odd was - " this is my splendid home" and there was a house rather like South Fork in Dallas!
I mean she is very lucky clearly but I am not at all impressed by material wealth ( unless it is fabrics!) and this excess of domestic grandeur has sort of turned me off the groups subliminal identity?
Does that make sense?
I just re read that and your probably thinking I've lost my marbles lol

But it's seemed like a 'one-up-womanship'  of sorts and I wonder if I'm the only one to have thought it an odd way of forming a 'community'.

Anyway will get off my psychiatrist couch now  - so you can relax!

I have bought another book, like you know how few I have
 and how I needed another one!
But this is kind of wonderful.
Id seen it on a blog I dropped in on and the managed to lose shortly after but loved the review of it so much I went looking for it!

It's a Quiltmania book, but happily bought from a UK supplier yeahhh!

    'Voyage autour de la Laine'
                                               or 'A trip around the Wool'
            and it is divine!
Boro, wool fabrics and yarns, embroidery and recycling come together in a wonderfully creative way.

Here's a couple of pics of my copy

Just look at those embroidered hexis!
and then this ....

Above picture taken from

I bought my book from the Running Chicken below

Okay I feel the need to make a circle block but smaller than my others!
: )


  1. i think Stephen would say you're on the right track....because time slows down when you're bored or doing something you hate or waiting for something to happen.

  2. I love Quiltmania books--they are so inspiring. I agree that it's kind of weird that people are posting photos of their homes on a sewing group--I could understand if it was just their studios or sewing rooms--very odd! Your hexies are looking great!

  3. Oh dear, I have just added another book to my 'must buy' list! I haven't joined many groups but I think all groups develop their own personalities and this one just headed in an odd direction. Maybe for some showing their homes feels like a way of sharing a bit about who they are? Though I'd rather see their stash!

  4. Time certainly does fly Lyn! I love your hexagons... you are making great progress and they are going to make a beautiful quilt! I have joined the Splendid Sampler and I hope that it works out okay! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  5. Lyn, I love learning about your quilting groups (and books) so thank you for sharing them. Your hexagons are exquisite! Just checked out the spendid sampler, looks waaaaaay beyond me but I look forward to seeing yours. I'll just try to make enough moon squares to amount to something. :)

  6. You quite cleverly hid that book review at the end of your post and of course I was reading quite merrily along and then came to a screeching halt as a great wave of covet-ite-iss came over me. Drat. Another book to add to my wish list. Thanks for that. (nice hexxies, btw)

  7. I love quiltmania those are pretty expensive here. I know what you are saying about the group-I don't identify well with people that show off or let you know they have wealth-espcially since my mind is usually back in the 1700s and `1800s lol those larger hexagon blocks look like a fun project-more modern or great for kids too enjoy your upscoming time off-